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Gurugram, Faridabad Nursery School Admissions 2019-20 - Registrations Dates, Documents, Age Criteria

Tasneem Sariya
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Updated on Jun 03, 2019

Gurugram Faridabad Nursery School Admissions 2019 20 Registrations Dates Documents Age Criteria
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Before you know it, your little bundle of joy is ready to step out of the comfort of the home and enter the world of books and academics. When your child scores a seat in one of the best schools, it sure is like a dream come true. And, as a parent, you wouldn’t leave any stone unturned. Standing in long queues and keeping a check on school websites just to make sure that the apple of your eyes is enrolled in the leading educational institutes of the city--all of these become a parent’s mission at the time of admissions.  

If you are residing in Gurugram or Faridabad and are wondering how to traverse through the maze of nursery admission procedures, dates, registrations then look no further. Below is a summary of the nursery school admissions in Gurugram and Faridabad that will help you get more clarity especially if you are tackling the admission rat race for the first time.

Gurugram/Faridabad Age criteria

Nursery admissions in Gurugram and Faridabad are a little different from that in Delhi or Noida. Unlike Delhi where there is a definite age cut off, in Gurugram due to lack of any guidelines by educational bodies different schools have different age limits. Also, because there are various boards, such as ICSE, CBSE, and IB the age cut off again differs from school to school. Some schools admit the child at 3, whereas, some prefer the child to be 3.5 to 4 years as of 1 April 2019 to be eligible for nursery admissions. For instance, Millenium 38, Vega, DPS, GD Goenka Public, Shalom Hills, Gems International, Gurugram Public School, St. Xaviers and Lancers International are schools that have 3 years as their cut off for nursery admissions. On the other hand, Pathways, Shriram Moulsari, DAV, Summer Fields, Shikshantar, Scottish High and Lotus Valley have their age cut off as 3.5 years.

Application Dates and Process

Many private schools in Gurugram and Faridabad begin their nursery admissions almost a year in advance. The nursery admissions for 2019-20 have already begun in July/August 2018 and usually continue till September/October. However, for some schools, the admission process is still on. You will need to check the individual school websites for details.

Again due to the lack of any government guidelines, there is no one particular admission window. Different schools have different admission dates and hence it is sometimes difficult for parents who apply in multiple schools. The problem is that the time frame to pay the deposit or school fees is also too narrow. Thus parents usually need to let go of the paid amount if their child gets admitted to another better school on a later date. To solve this issue, a lot of schools have voluntarily tried to come together and make a few changes. Some schools have increased their fees deposit time windows to more than a week, while others have decided to come out with a single admission form for all its branches. And a lot of schools are also open to online registration and payment making it a little easier for parents.  

Once the registration process is completed, most schools conduct a draw to choose the final candidates. Schools, such as St. Xaviers, Carmel Convent, Bhavan Vidyalaya and Sacred Heart have already conducted the final draw and uploaded their list in January 2019.

In the rat race for admissions, parents need to be abreast with the changing dates and processes to ensure that they can keep pace with the various procedures. It is best to keep checking the websites of the desired schools well in advance if you would like to enroll your child in school in this or the next academic year.

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| Jun 11, 2019

Nice information share, beneficial for parents to find good school near them. I will share with my friend circle or relative for toddler school information.

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| Aug 29, 2019

nice article share by you .if you are looking best UKG School in east delhi and kid zone than please contact with anand public school pandav nagar .here your child get best education from initial level .

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| Sep 01, 2020

These days, there are many different types of boards and schools are available in Noida, Gurgoan, Faridabad, and Delhi that you can choose from. As a parent who is looking for the best school for your child, it can of course be extremely confusing to understand which schools you should try out. Also, it takes a lot of time to check each school and find out more information. As a result, you also have the risk of running out of time to fill the admission forms. There are lots of websites where you can find information for different schools, most of these websites provide only basic information and make the whole process more complex. Recently I came across a new website that is working differently from all other traditional websites and much in a personalized way, where parents not only get information about the schools, fees, and dates but also there are different tools that will ease the process of selecting schools. List of schools in Gurugram - dates, fees, admission details and parents insights. List of schools in Faridabad - admission dates, fees, details and parents insights

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