How to control hairfall after pregnancy

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Updated on Jul 18, 2018

How to control hairfall after pregnancy
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It has been a tough nine months and you have finally seen your little one’s face! But despite the excitement of welcoming your child, you are frustrated about barely getting any sleep.  And then one morning, you see clumps of your hair on the pillow. What will you do? Scream, throw a tantrum, punch your husband? (preferably not)

Well, you can do all of the above or read on.

The first few weeks and months after pregnancy are tiring and the last thing you need then is a hair scare. We love our luxurious manes and tresses, don’t we? And so, hair fall is something that sends us into a tizzy. But there is no need to panic. You might just be undergoing what every other woman experiences after pregnancy. Understanding why this is happening to you might ease your heartache so here goes…

When your body was busy prepping for your little one, it shot up the estrogen hormone. This hormone freezes up hair while they are growing. On any other given day, the hair that would have fallen, is frozen by the high estrogen levels. After your super woman body has safely delivered your baby, the levels of estrogen start falling. It is as if autumn has hit your scalp. Like the leaves, the hair that had been frozen so long, detach themselves and finally fall.

That said, what can you do about it?

For starters, refuse to see it as the beginning of doomsday, and use it as an opportunity to experiment instead. If you have long hair, try a short haircut or one which will give the appearance of voluminous hair. There are plenty of beauty products too that can come to your rescue. Preferably pick products which contain silica or biotin, they will help add volume to your hair.

Also watch what you eat. Your dietary intake matters. Food rich in protein will help you a long way as hair is primarily made of protein. Increase iron intake also with green leafy vegetables, dates, lean meat and lentils. Do not overlook eating vegetables. They are rich in flavonoids and antioxidants which help maintain hair follicles. Include supplements of vitamin B, C, E and zinc also in your diet.  

Besides, there are simple things you can imbibe in your beauty routine. Avoid tying your hair too tight, use a comb which has wider spaces between the tooth and do not expose hair to heat. Steer away from curlers, dryers as direct heat can damage the already fragile hair.  If you want to step out and are not confident about your hair, use accessories like bandanas, headbands and scarves. Keep it stylish mommy!

Hair fall should normally subside in six months after pregnancy. In case yours exceeds this time frame, please consult a doctor. Still, worrying is a strict no. Ah, did I tell you stress is also a reason for hair fall? Give your hair time to come back to its normal cycle.

If hairy Autumn is here can Spring be far behind?


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