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Healthy Foods & Activities To Help Child Grow Taller

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Healthy Foods Activities To Help Child Grow Taller
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The height of their child would be one of the main concerns for any parent. It is an important indicator of growth besides weight. The height of your child is largely influenced by genes, that is, the height of parents. But to reach that genetic potential of height, or even more, the diet of your child is important.

So by ensuring the right nutrients in enough amounts, we can help the child to increase the height or achieve the maximum potential possible.

Nutrients/Foods That Will Help In Increasing Your's Child's Height

Here is the the list of foods that will help your child become tall & strong.


Protein is required for tissue formation, so for any positive growth, it would be required. Studies suggest that even a malnourished child may catch up on height after being given a high protein diet (J Nutr. 1998 Oct;128(10):1688-91). Give good sources of proteins to your child in the daily diet. Non-vegetarian or animal source of protein like chicken, fish, poultry has higher bioavailability. That is they are better absorbed. You may give chicken soup or grilled fish/chicken as easy evening snack to increase the proteins in your child’s diet. If vegetarian, then do include some animal protein in the form of milk, curd, cheese, paneer, eggs in your child’s daily diet. Boiled egg, french toast, cheese balls/sandwich, milkshakes are few vegetarian alternative snacks. Good vegetarian sources of protein are beans especially soybean and its products like tofu, soymilk; pulses, legumes, nuts (walnuts, almonds, peanuts), seeds (pumpkin, flax, sunflower, chia, sesame) etc. For these, you can give a granola bar or boiled beans chaat to your child as a snacking option. [Explore How to Get Proteins from Vegetarian Diet? ]

Calcium-rich Foods

Since our bones are made up of calcium, enough calcium is required in the diet, especially during growing years. In initial years, calcium deposits are made in bones and any deficit may hamper the growth and length of the bones or skeletal system. [Explore How Important Calcium-rich Foods in Child's Diet?]

Include plenty of calcium-rich foods; dairy products like milk, cheese, paneer, yoghurt; ragi flour; sesame seeds; green leafy vegetables. Ragi pancakes with a liberal amount of sesame or cheese, paneer cutlets, spinach soup, yoghurt smoothies are few ways to help boost calcium intake of your child. [Explore How Much Calcium Intake for Teens]

Vitamin D3 Enriched Foods

Since Vitamin D is important for calcium absorption, it should also be given in the required amounts. Include eggs, milk products, fish especially fatty fish like salmon, herring, trout, organ meats, butter, ghee. Do take an advice of your paediatrician on giving supplements of vitamin D and cod liver oil, if your child has vitamin D deficiency. Give fish thrice a week to your child, if non-vegetarian. Otherwise give milk and eggs regularly. Use a spoon of butter or ghee in your child’s cooking.


Zinc is another nutrient required for proper growth of your child. It not only helps in growth of the child but also helps in building immunity. A healthy child with fewer episodes of illness, tend to grow better. Include whole grains, nuts like cashew, almonds, peanuts, seeds and flesh foods. Give a handful of nuts to munch on, when your child is going to school or playing in the evening.


Healthy Foods & Activities That Influence Height

Besides these dietary considerations, the role of exercises, sports and games are also important in a child’s linear growth. Encourage the child to take up games and sports which require stretching. Stretching helps by elongating the spine, helps in maintaining a better posture and for overall fitness.

Basketball, lawn tennis, badminton, volleyball, swimming, etc. are few sports to help in this. Some easy exercises and play like stretching, playing on monkey bars, skipping, jogging etc may also help. Read why adequate sleep is also important for the growth of your child as growth hormone- HGH, is released in sleep.

If you like the information shared in this blog, do share it with fellow parents and drop a comment below in case you have concerns regarding your child's height and weight.


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