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Healthy soup recipes for your child this winter

Priyanka Arora
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Updated on Dec 06, 2019

Healthy soup recipes for your child this winter
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Winters are around and children are more prone to infection in this changing weather. Parents need to take more care in terms of their clothing, warmth, overall health and well being. 
In winters specifically, soups work wonder and are very effective food for the child. Soups are very healthy and nutritious too. It's the best way to provide winter immunity in kids. 

So, here are some healthy soup recipes for your little one (which are best for the winters) - 

1. Black chane soup

Kala chana is highly rich in protein and provides for a nutritional meal too.


1. Cook black chane in a pressure cooker with a small amount of salt and keep aside.

2. Take a deep pan and add a small amount of oil, crushed ginger-garlic paste and fry it properly.

3. Add boiled chana and cook it properly for at least 10 mins.

4. Add a pinch of black pepper and serve.


2. Palak soup

As we all know spinach is very nutritious for kids as well as adults too. It improves hemoglobin and is good for the winters. 


1. Take an onion, tomato, ginger-garlic in a deep pan.

2. Turn the stove on medium heat and add water and let it boil.

3. Let it boil for a few minutes and by this time the onion and tomatoes will get soft and cooked.

4. Add spinach leaves and let it cook for few minutes so that spinach gets soft easily.

5. Mash the mixture in a grinder and make a smooth paste.

6. Take a deep pan to add a drop of ghee, saute garlic and ginger paste.

7. Add pureed paste and water according to the consistency. 

8. Cook it for few minutes and serve.


3. Beetroot and carrot soup

Beetroot is very nutritious and highly rich in potassium and folic acid which improves immunity in children. It's a must-add soup in kids' diets. It also improves the eyes and vision too.


1. Take a deep pan to add a small amount of oil add bay leaf, ginger and cumin saute for some time.

2. Add beetroot, carrot and cook it.

3. Add water, overcook it for sometime.strain it and mash it properly.

4. Serve with diced boiled carrot and beetroot.


4. Lemon coriander soup

Lemon is a good source of Vitamin C which is best for children in winter to improve immunity and also to recover from chest congestion. 


1. Cut all the vegetables in a triangle and blanch it. 

2. Prepare coriander stock with fresh coriander.

3. Remove coriander and add blanched vegetables to it.

4. Boil it properly.

5. Add salt and white pepper according to taste. It's now ready to serve. 


These are some healthy soup recipes for your little one to protect them from various infections which may happen due to the change of weather.  It can be served to adults too. If you know of any interesting recipes for the winters, please share them too! 

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