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Healthy Weight loss In Your Teen

Tasneem Sariya
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Healthy Weight loss In Your Teen
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Adolescence or teenage years are an important stage in the life of our children. There are many changes that teenagers go through, especially in growth of their body and physical being. Teenage obesity or tweens gaining weight is a common occurrence due to hormonal changes coupled with the fast food diets and sedentary lifestyle. Weight loss of teenagers has thus become an important subject for parents to know.

Weight Loss in tweens

Before plunging into the different weight loss tips for teens, it is important to know that no matter how your teenager looks, your emotional support and understanding is of paramount importance. Let not the issue of teen weight loss become a reason for friction and hurt in your family. Help weightloss in tween by not taunting and calling them 'fat', but imbibing confidence in your teenager for striving for an overall healthy life rather than quick fixes to become instantly slim. What are the simple ways to lose weight quickly for teenagers? Is it related to weight loss in kids?

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There are quick ways to lose weight by following fad diets and low carb diets, however, in the long run these do not help and risk your teenager’s intake of vital nutrients. Avoid quick results, and lay emphasis on a lifelong way of living that will help in natural weight loss and healthy living.

Obese kids may grow old to become obese teenagers too. However, it is best to follow weight loss diet plans when the child becomes a teen, so that, he is not deprived of any nutrients. At the same time, it is important to let your kid be physically active to avoid further weight gain.

Easy Ways To Lose Weight As A Tween

Let’s take a look below at some of the ways which will help your teenager lose weight.

  1. Increase fluid intake:

    Healthy fluids are the best way to supply your body with the needed nutrients and help in weight loss. Ask your teenager to drink lots of water, natural juices and low fat milk. Aerated drinks and soda should be avoided
  2. Skipping meals- absolutely not!:

    Explain to your tween that skipping meals or not eating is not a solution for losing weight. In fact, eating a sumptuous breakfast is the best way to begin the day, followed by taking small portions of foods between 3 to 4 hours
  3. Exercise:

    For a holistic healthy body, exercising is the best way forward. Encourage your teenager to regularly exercise for a few minutes every day to ensure flexibility and mobility. Walking is the best exercise for your teen and can help burn calories in the safest possible way
  4. Eat healthy:

    it is best to avoid junk food, sweets and fast foods. Encourage your teen to eat healthy fruits and vegetables, besides from eating slowly, in small portions and refraining from overstuffing themselves. Some healthy foods include, fiber rich - whole breads, fruits, vegetables, calcium rich- yogurt, low fat cheese, iron rich - eggs, poultry, green peas, spinach etc.

Most teenagers have in their mind this one question - how to lose weight? Make losing weight an activity based plan with a sensible approach to your tweens diet and lifestyle. However, it is your care; support and understanding that will help your teenager feel confident and happy, no matter what the size.

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| Sep 21, 2018

This is very informative post. Thanks for sharing. how to lose weight fast

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