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Help your child become friends with food

Cheena M Gujral
1 to 3 years

Created by Cheena M Gujral
Updated on Jul 26, 2017

Help your child become friends with food

As a mother, after loads of experiments and reading, I finally discovered that more we set child free with food, higher are his or her chances to enjoy and eat.

Feeding the child is one of the most talked about challenges in parenting. Forget about making the toddler enjoy luxuriously rich food, encouraging your toddler to have that basic roti and daal sabzi is what all I concentrate at. Like many moms, I too believed forcing my 2-year-old to eat.

There were times when he used to have literally nothing and I was scrolling behind him like his snail toy to pick a single bite, till the time my paediatrician enlighten that force feeding is not the right solution.

You cannot make your child swallow the meal. They always have the option to puke; instead the child develops a strong disliking for food.

Definitely letting them free bird in case of diet will deprive them of essentials. But for me it was a lifesaver. I am delighted to share few dos and don'ts which helped me overcome food trauma.

1. Stop pushing food onto his/her face: Don't escort your child always with food over swings, park, car, at play etc. More we are after them, lesser is the curiosity.

2. Share the dining time: Allow your child to eat of its own, may be on his favourite chair. Eating what the parents are enjoying fetches the eagerness to try the same food.

 3. No milk before the meal: Avoid more milk or liquid intakes before meal time, as it will temporarily fill the stomach.

4. Introduce the veggies in a friendly manner: It's important to break the ice of unlikeness for food, sooner we can jump to healthier options. So don't start directly with ragi or oats until the ease for food develops.

5. Limit the food options: It's good if we offer a limited menu card to child, it saves both our energy to decide what to cook and make them eat merrily. Of course it has nothing to do with over pampering. Each child is different so as the mother and her parenting. I just shared what worked for me and wish each child eat and stay healthy.

Did you like Cheena’s blog? How did you make your child food-friendly? Do share your views and feedback in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you...

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| Aug 04, 2017

That's awesome puloma. I tell my child that Mumma will get all power to play and rhyme, and you will be tired without food

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| Aug 03, 2017

Ya very true. I dine with my baby and say " look mamma is also having this , you wanna try " , and with curiosity she tries the stuff. She never liked milk, but now we together drink, as I say mamma betu will have milk. She repeats the same sentence and drinks along with me.

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| Jul 27, 2017

Its true..... Set them free... They will b hungry and they will fetch their food. Women now a days don't give gap (3 hours if kids have been playing else 3. 5 hours )and get too pushy to feed them.. Kids will feel irritated at the sight of food.... I hope new mind find your blog helpful and stop studying things in their kids mouth out of love ....

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| Jul 26, 2017

Thanks Cheena for sharing your experience. This is will surely help.

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| Jul 26, 2017

Nyc blog n great tips Cheena M Gujral

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