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Helping children manage anxiety related to new situations

Jill Sanghvi
3 to 7 years

Created by Jill Sanghvi
Updated on Aug 06, 2020

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Change in routine or a new event or situation can be a cause of anxiety for many chidren on the autism spectrum. A parent can make the child ready by explaining the situation/ event and help him / her understand what he is supposed to do in that situation. Visual aids, roleplays and a few other techniques can help allay this anxiety by bringing in predicatability to the situation and prepare the child to face it with confidence and reassurance. Jill Sanghvi, a Senior Therapist shares how a child perceives a new situation and shares effective strategies to address the anxiety associated with it.

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| Aug 21, 2020 Safety tips for parents that we should make our children learn. Found it worth sharing with everyone who have kids. Please watch till the end and share with everyone who have child.

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