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Holiday Homework

7 to 11 years

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Holiday Homework
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As the summer vacations approached, my daughter started to look forward to all the fun that she was going to have while I started to fret about all the homework that I would have to help her with (she is in class 1). The saving grace to all this was that, most of my daughter’s homework turned out to be very interactive and innovative. The main focus being around family and the neighborhood, which in one way is also like an extended family.

One of the things that she was supposed to do was to find out facts about her immediate neighbors and document them with the help of a small questionnaire that was provided by the school. She also had to draw all the members of this family, which was a lot of fun for her. She was also able to learn a lot about our neighbors, their ways of life, their traditional clothing, their food and so on.

She was particularly fascinated by their ethnic garments, (they are from Haryana and the elders wear the traditional ghagra with a kurti) My daughter really liked that they would wear lehenga ( as she put it ) everyday, while she only got to wear it on festivals and weddings.

Another assignment required her to make a collage of pictures of important things from around her neighborhood. Both she and I had a great time while she was busy clicking all sorts of pictures, once we were back we both selected a few that were appropriate and she advocated for each one on how it was so relevant in her life.( She thought the picture of the atm was very important since we got our money from there ?)

She was supposed to practice her writing and reading skills. The school had made it very simple, she could read any book (both Hindi and English) and then find the difficult words, write them down and then make sentences to fully understand their meanings.

I realized that she was enjoying her homework and even looked forward to doing it, and that is how it should be.

While I spoke to some of our neighbors I found out that most of the children had homework in the form of some sort of project and in most cases the mom had done almost 60-70 % of the said projects. They were very stressed since there was too much to do and not enough time. One of the mothers had even researched the internet to find out material for a report that the child was supposed to write and all the child did was copy it in his own handwriting, it left me wondering whether this was what the school had intended or was this a fall out of too much homework??

I agree my daughter had a lot of fun but then there are other kids and parents who did not, because their homework was not age appropriate

At the end of the day I cannot help wondering, we think that the schools knows best what is right for our children but are we really sure that they are taking the right call?? Can we intervene?? Do we get to have a say??

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| May 12, 2013

I personally feel there should be very little holiday homework for the kids and that too should involve reading and writing. Lets face it. Since the schools have started giving grades on each n everything this holiday homework no longer remains an enjoyable thing. Both the parent and the child is unnecessarily burdened with things that hardly has anything to do with the child. Children during the holidays should be left on their own to do things that they feel good to do. I know so many people nowadays who do the holiday homework and projects of the kids for a fixed amount of money. So the whole concept of parents involvement and child's enjoyment just fails here. Have u ever looked at the projects of a class 2-3 children?? Even I doubt if I can make such wonderful ones. It is all work of a pro or the mother entirely. Even the teachers wen evaluating a project or a model don't bother to think that a 8 yr old will not make a model like this. But yes those are the ones that are praised, appreciated and probably displayed on a PTM or any other special day. Why can't we understand that we r deceiving ourselves by doing this. Let the child be free to do as much as he/she can do. Don't pressurise the children please!!!! I would strongly like to add. "No holiday homework for the mothers please". As we also want to enjoy quality and quantity time with our precious kids. :)

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| Jun 05, 2014

Totally agree wd u Afrin. D hw is not at all fun (and it never was even when v were kids) or a learning experience for kids or parents. It gives a lot of stress to both. The projects are not at all of d kids standard and are generally made by either parents or some fellow in d market makes them for some money. This defeats d whole purpose if getting homeworks.

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| Nov 02, 2016

such a true thought, infact now a days schools do not give age appropriate work in most cases. wish something could be done about this...

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