How Hard I Strived to Achieve A Pollution Free Pregnancy?


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How Hard I Strived to Achieve A Pollution Free Pregnancy
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I live in the city or would rather call it a concrete jungle in itself. Since I love blogging, I always prefer to sit near my window where the breeze kissing my cheeks motivates me to write much more clearly. This had always been my routine where I would write my heart out while sitting in the open. I noticed how little particles of dust would collect on my laptop screen but never bothered about it until the day I conceived. Suddenly it became a horror to see how I couldn’t see my own reflection on my laptop screen but only dust. Pollution had never been a concern to me but it soon became a nightmare to even think about it since I was carrying my baby. 

How I Did My Bit to Combat Air Pollution?

Since it is nearly impossible to avoid all the threats of pollution to your health and that of your child as well, you can do a lot more to decrease the amount of exposure inside your home. Hence I invested in an air purifier in my home, since that’s the place where I spend most of my day. You must be wondering how a place like home can be having the presence of polluted air. Outdoor air pollution isn’t the only thing to worry about as your house is also prone to the same, thanks to the vapor caused when cooking, dust captured in furnishings, tobacco smoke and other cleaning agents that contribute to the bad air quality. Since these everyday items also cause air pollution within the house, I thank myself for purchasing an air purifier which helps me breathe a better quality of air as compared to earlier. Now I know that I and my child both are safe. Air purifiers eliminate everything from smoke to allergens in your home which is why I made the wise decision to invest in it. 

Not only this, but you must also be regular about maintaining the device by changing its filters. They can trap dirt, dust, and pet dander, as well as microscopic allergens. Hence, changing them can help prevent these air pollutants from being released into the air. 

When you dust your house make sure that you cover your face, especially nose and mouth with a cloth so that allergens do not get into your nose and cause allergies that might directly or indirectly have an adverse impact on your child. With this investment, I made sure that my child breathes better quality of air when I bring him home and have remained successful in it.

Effects Of Pollution On the Baby in the Womb & Mom-to-be

This phenomenon urged me to keep myself free from pollution. Since living in the city doesn’t keep you safe from the pollution entirely, it is only wise to take measures all by yourself in order to prevent it. I invested my time in doing some research about the harmful effects of pollution on the baby in the womb as well as on the mom-to-be. Everything came as a shock to me which helped me stay more focused so I could protect my little one. As per my research, the following are the effects of prolonged exposure to pollution:

  • Coughing
  • Wheezing
  • Eye and sinus irritation
  • Advanced respiratory diseases like bronchitis, asthma, and emphysema
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Decreased lung capacity and shortness of breath

Although air pollution isn’t healthy for any living creature, it has the most severe impact on pregnant women, children, babies, those with respiratory problems, and the elderly. Some of my initial research surfaced the potential dangers of being exposed to air pollution for a pregnant woman.

  1. Low Birth Weight: The ideal pregnancy delivers six to nine-pound babies at 38-40 weeks. Babies under five pounds eight ounces are considered low birth weight. This is mostly the result of pollution.
  2. Preterm Birth: Nearly three million babies are born prematurely each year because of air pollution. 
  3. Asthma: In pregnant women, this can be dangerous because asthma can cause further health issues.  
  4. Fertility Issues: Air pollution leads to lower fertility in men and women which might be a trouble for you if you are planning on extending your family. 

I would recommend you invest in an air purifier which did wonders to me and assures my little one is safe from the horrors of air pollution at least when he’s in the house. This air purifier gives you the value for your money which is why without any second thoughts you must get it right away.


Disclaimer: An initiative by Honeywell to help you breathe pure air and take care of your family. Please check the website for more details. Opinions expressed above are independent opinions of the writer. 

This content has been checked & validated by Doctors and Experts of the parentune Expert panel. Our panel consists of Neonatologist, Gynecologist, Peadiatrician, Nutritionist, Child Counselor, Education & Learning Expert, Physiotherapist, Learning disability Expert and Developmental Pead.

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| Nov 24, 2019


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| Jan 03, 2018

Breathing in fresh air has become such a luxury these days. Thanks, parentune team for sharing this blog.

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| Jan 03, 2018

Thanks for sharing this blog. It is quite helpful.

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| Jan 03, 2018

I wish I had all this when I was pregnant. But anyway thanks for sharing.

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| Dec 27, 2017

it's definitely value for money.. thanks for sharing!

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| Dec 26, 2017

Nicely explained thanks

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| Dec 26, 2017

Sometimes I feel really worried during the eve hours. Thankyou for sharing thia

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