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How health drinks bridge the gap between nutrient intake and requirement

Puja Sharma Vasisht
7 to 11 years

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How health drinks bridge the gap between nutrient intake and requirement

Do you know that no matter how hard we try to feed our child a well-balanced diet, some nutrients may still go missing? This is especially true for nutrients which are difficult to source from normal diet. For instance, in highly polluted, urban cities, the deficiency of Vitamin D is quite prevalent. The pollution cover does not allow the normal UV rays to reach us and hence restricts the conversion of Vitamin D on our skin surface. Since Vitamin D is important for calcium absorption, so it has now become important to give a Vitamin D supplement to growing children.


Let’s face it: We are largely a vegetarian population and there are certain nutrients which are either absent or difficult to absorb from a pure vegetarian or vegan diet. Vitamin B12 is one of them as it is synthesized by microorganisms like bacteria and algae in the animal gut. So the only way it can enter our bodies is through animal foods. The vegan diets (that are devoid of milk and butter) is deficient in this vitamin which is essential for normal functioning of the blood circulatory system.

Iron absorption is lower in vegetarian diets; it is a known fact that the haemoglobin levels of a vegetarian are generally lower than that of a non-vegetarian. Another case in point is the cereal-based diet where there is a low intake of vegetables and fresh fruits – this makes growing children more prone to anaemia.


And who can rule out the fussy eaters? If the child is persistently fussy about eating healthy food and on the other hand craves junk food, it is but natural that this child is at a risk of developing certain nutritional deficiencies. If your child is having lower intake of nutrients because of one or the other reason, then it is time to consider giving a health milk food to your child.

If the general food intake of the child is really poor (in case of fussy or small eaters), health food drinks such as Horlicks help to bridge the gap between the usual intake and the essential requirements of the child, to an extent. Here is an overview of the RDA* for a growing child (8 – 10 years):


1950 Kcal


41   gm


400 mg


26   mg

Vitamin A

600 mg


1.0  mg


1.2  mg

folic acid

60   mg


13   mg

Vitamin B1

0.2 -1.0 mg
















*RDA: Recommended Dietary Allowance --- The RDA, the estimated amount of a nutrient (or calories) per day considered necessary for the maintenance of good health


So, what should you look for in health food drinks? Well, you should look for Vitamins like A, C, D, E, B-complex including folic acid, niacin minerals such as calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorous; and fats (between 6 - 7.5 percent - DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) is an essential fatty acid required for brain development).

 And yes, look out for all the micronutrients as mentioned above. Check out the benefits of these micronutrients here 

However, do consult a pediatrician before putting your child on a health food drink.


Did you find the information given by our expert nutritionist useful? Do you feel your child is not getting the best nutrition? Would you consider including a health food drink in your child’s daily diet? Do share (in the comments section below) – and support fellow parents to provide the best nutrition to their growing children.


Disclaimer: An awareness drive powered by Horlicks to emphasise the importance of micronutrient’s in a child’s diet.

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| Jul 04, 2017

good one

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| Jul 04, 2017

good read.

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Parul Ankita Gupta

| Jul 04, 2017

with the huge marketing of fast foods it is very dificult to contain our children and restrict them not to have it.

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| Jul 04, 2017

We should avoid cold drinks and other co2 drinks

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Kalpana Singh

| Jul 04, 2017

good to have shared it

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| Jul 04, 2017

My child brings a lot of trouble wants to have fast food always

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| Jul 04, 2017

We should give importance to micronutrients

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Vicas Rajvnashi

| Jul 04, 2017

In our childhood days we were so fond of drinking milk but why do our children are avoiding it rather parents avoiding it by giving other forms and just not pure milk

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| May 04, 2017

Nice article on feeding a balanced diet. Thankyou Puja

  • Report
Nishtha Srivastava

| May 04, 2017

my child is a fussy eater too. Will try to bridge the gap with something to drink or mash it into puree.

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Tanisha Khanna

| May 03, 2017

Quite an informative blog. Thanks Puja

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Priyanka Sinha

| Apr 28, 2017

from which age health drink should be included in child diet and which one

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Indu Pradhan

| Apr 27, 2017

Till which age can a child drink health drinks like Pediasure

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