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Benefits of Homework & Ways to Motivate Child to Do Homework Independently

Shikha Batra
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Updated on Jan 09, 2020

Benefits of Homework Ways to Motivate Child to Do Homework Independently
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A child not doing homework and a parent struggling in inculcating the habit of getting homework done by child is every household story. But we can always motivate our child to do homework all by themselves. It might take some time and the sooner we start the better it gets. This blog will explain all the ways which will motivate a child to do the homework independently and also the benefits of doing homework.

A long day at school, after school activities and then a pile of assignments to be done as homework can be overwhelming and add to the woes of many children. The plea of their parents also falls on deaf ears as the child dreads doing homework. The parents feel unequipped to offer the help needed by the child. It becomes an everyday struggle between the parents and the child which can be a cause of stress, anxiety and, frustration for both.

To understand how to motivate your child to do his/her homework independently, one needs to understand the purpose of doing homework and how could it benefit the child. 

How do children get benefitted by doing homework Ownself?

The purpose of homework is to help reinforce what was done in class. It helps the children understand the subject in greater detail and excel in it. It also helps in teaching fundamental skills such as time management, organization, task completion as well as a responsibility to children. Besides, parents also get the opportunity to engage actively in their child's education due to homework.

Why does your child refuse to do homework?

There are times when the child gets completely reluctant and avoids doing homework. There could be many reasons for it such as he/she is-

  • not in a mood and wants to relax or do some other activity instead.

  • finds it boring or unrelatable.

  • finds it time-consuming and tiring.

  • unable to do the assignments as they are too tough or long.

  • overburdened with after school activities.

  • too many distractions at home so the child is unable to concentrate.

  •  not rewarded and recognized for the work so feels demotivated.

  • does not feel it to be important and finds it as an extra work that will not carry any weightage or add any marks in their exams.

What to do if your child refuses to do homework?

If the child refuses to do homework, do not engage in a yelling spree or let your emotions get the best of you. Stay calm and let them understand the importance of doing homework. Also pass on the message that they are responsible for their own work and if they refuse to do their homework, they have to deal with the consequences of their actions. It is important that you set boundaries, be consistent and stand by your expectations.

How can you motivate your child to do his/her homework independently?

There are many ways by which you could help your child in motivating them to do their homework such as:

  • setting up a schedule and putting aside time for homework.

  • letting them understand 'homework comes first', hence is the first priority and the rest other after school activities can wait. 

  • eliminating distractions by switching off TV, and other electronics during homework time.

  • keeping the siblings occupied in some other room or letting them study quietly so that they do not distract.

  • breaking the assignments into smaller bits so that your child gets the required breaks in between. For instance, let him/her take a 5 minutes snack or stretching break every half-hour.

  • assigning a place where you can monitor your child from time to time such as a table in front of the kitchen.

  • ensuring all necessary materials are available.

  • getting them started by talking to them on how to go about doing it.

  • staying calm while helping your child with homework.

  • doing your best to make it fun by turning it into a game.

  • giving effective short-term consequences such as grounding of his/her iPad for a day if homework is not done.

  • providing lots of encouragement and celebrating the victories.

  • giving them rewards after an achievement as an incentive to do well.

How to make the child get into the habit of doing homework independently?

Starting at an early age, ensuring that the child sticks to the schedule, setting clear cut expectations, staying abreast of your child's schoolwork, making learning fun and praising them and telling them you are proud of them for doing their work, giving rewards such as making their favorite snack as an incentive for finishing homework neatly are some of the ways by which habit of doing homework independently can be instilled in the child. Even if the child has not got any school work, make sure the child does not use any electronics during those scheduled hours and spends time reading books instead.

What if your child expects you to do his/her homework?

The purpose of homework is also to assist the teacher in assessing whether students understand those concepts. If parents do the homework the teacher would assume that your child understands it which defeats the very purpose of giving homework. It would prevent the child from actually learning from the assignment. Allow your child's homework to help them learn independently, a skill that they will value throughout their life. You could be available in case they need help and offer tips to your child or guide him /her on how to do the work himself/herself. 

If the homework becomes just another battlefield, regardless of whether you plead, beg, yell, threaten, and bribe your child, he/she won't do his/her homework. The constant struggle can make both the parent and the child exhausted as well as frustrated and even worse, the child might even begin hating school. The purpose here is to raise our children so that they feel responsible, self-motivated and accountable for their homework. 

How parents can help with their children's homework?

As a parent, you can always help your child to do the homework. Once you help during the starting days and set a proper rule which your child can follow or letting the child know, what is expected while doing the homework will always help both the child and the parent.

 Homework is also about independence and time management. As parents here are a few things we can do to help.

  1. Set a routine -You can always speak to your child and decide on a time which will suit him/her for doing homework.

  2. Dedicated Space For doing homework- You can allot a space which can be specifically for doing homework. Keep this place away from all sorts of distractions a child might have.

  3. Setting Rules- A few simple rules like following the rules, sitting at dedicated space while doing homework, not getting up until the homework is done can help a child in long term.

  4. Keep It Positive- Praising your child when s/he does good stuff or completes homework on time, allow them to do the mistake and correct them explaining the same, give enough time to complete homework.

  5. Patience- Give time to your child, slowly and gradually child will get into the habit of doing the homework happily and independently.

How have you been motivating your child to do his/ her homework? Please do share your strategy with us in doing so.


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