How I control the 3 T's- Temper, Tears and Tantrums of my Little One

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How I control the 3 Ts Temper Tears and Tantrums of my Little One
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It is very exciting to have a three year old at home. At the same time, it can get tiring as well! It is the phase where learn and explore new things, and so it's quite natural for them to get anxious to know everything that comes their way, and they get very fascinated about it. For them, each and everything should be explained in the way they like it and should be done the way they want it. When it's not done, they get into 3 T's which is temper, tears and tantrum, and it is a difficult yet not an impossible task to handle such as situation. The main key is:

1) Patience: through which you could control your little one without incapacitating their feelings. My son is three years old and goes to preschool. He's a very smart fellow and learns things quickly. Like all, or most of the 3 year olds, he also has a temper that's very difficult to handle. He gets overwhelmed if I try to oppose. So, when he shows his temper, I try to calm him down in a rather flippant way. I say sorry if he thinks the mistake has been committed from my end and explain to him that showing temper is a bad habit and that he should learn to control his anger. I try to do the things which he likes. That way he forgets his anger and gets along with me well.

2) When it comes to tantrum, I sure have got hard on him many times, but I usually try not to give in. Ignoring is the best solution to such behaviour in kids and it works!

3) Getting him involved in the activities he would love to do is another solution. I also try to divert his mind to some new or interesting things at home. I play like a child and do all sorts of silly things just to get his attention and make him happy.

4) You can't see your little one in tears, because you love him/her so much so you give in to any demand just to get them to stop crying. Well, my little gets into tears very easily as he's been very pampered by mom, dad and grandparents. When he's in tears, I hug him and try to console him and I say that I love him (because he loves to hear it from me.) I take him to play to the park nearby and play with him. I also promise to reward him with toys and candies if he would stop crying.

Finally, I would like to say, it might be possible for parents to achieve control over their child's 3 T's by tuning into their little one's frequency in an amiable and congenial manner. Cheers to all the parents!

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| Jul 18, 2015

Aruna parenting for the first time is more difficult than getting settled at new place by a newly wed , Your idea for dealing with your child as of now is fine but it's gonna be trouble later In my opinion you are brooding an attitude a demand in him passively Children are very smart these days You got to be clear in what you want to convey Attention diversion to skip a particular situation will never give you a permanent solution to bring changes in his attitude !!

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| Sep 08, 2015

Very true @harpreet. at one time I had to get him new toy everyday to console my kid. he just started picking tantrums to gain toys which he plays for a day only!!I feel at leat one parent shd be strict at times or one at a time.

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| Sep 29, 2015

It's difficult to divert them . Especially when they are showing tantrums. My little one will take whatever he wants from the kitchen, incase of candies and lolly pops. Never bothered to climb up the shelve in the kitchen.

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| Oct 09, 2015

Every child is different by nature from each other. Being a mother of two, every day I learn a lot. I think there is nobody who knows her child better than his or her mom. Every mother knows how to handle her child.. Some need pampering,some want attention or some want toys. When my 4 yrs old daughter starts to cry I just say she doesn't look smart or nice. N she stop crying within few seconds. If she irritates me to get a doll or any other thing immediately,I just make a false phone call to show her that d product is not available in this time. If she asks for 3 or 4 times, I only fulfill her wish only for one n After few days... not immediately. Thus we try to fulfill her demand regarding toys.. But not completely. Try to maintain a balance between wishlist n ge satisfied. If she shows temper, I just give a hug n tell her that she is a very good girl, good girl doesn't act like this, mumma loves her a lot.. believe me it works. At first, I was also angry,irritated with her 3 Ts.. but eventually I realised that soft n polite as well strict attitude make things more easier.

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| Apr 09, 2017

exactly... sometimes being strict is also needed. when children grow up they r smart enough to not to get diverted. so diverting their mind doesn't help always. u need to tell them bad effects of the things, show some (false) symptoms of those bad effects. like when my S asks for chocolate I tell her we have 1 at home I will give u when we reach home. by d time when we reach home, I tell her it create worms in stomach. see how ur stomach is looking. and that day u farted because of worms only. then she forgets about it. or canceled her plan of having chocolate. if she creates drama in shop that I want it right now n all, I let her do... keep doing my shopping n ignore her. That's my way.

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| May 15, 2017

hey all, I have a 2 years old baby boy. he also loves to do tantrums like other kids. sometimes I get irritated of his dramas ,sometimes when I think to take some rest, he starts all his tantrums badly. like yelling, crying. tht time I don't know how to react. coz if I avoid him at tht time ,may be it makes him more stubborn. which I don't want him to be. he likes to watch rhymes on you tube in my phone. everytime he cries for my phone. Is it OK to give him phone?, plz help parents

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