How to become the coolest mom!

Leena Jha
11 to 16 years

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How to become the coolest mom

A mom and a son go back the memory lane to revisit how they created some life lasting memories together that became a treasured gift of today. Waiting in the dental clinic, they almost had a role reversal-- Leena and her son take a journey back into the son's childhood and dig out those times when she helped her son choose the real moments over the screen time, making their waiting time at the dental clinic a lot of fun.

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| Aug 05, 2017

your article bought tears in me. this is the same way i spend time with my son and now im proud mom of 14 year old who treats me as best buddy mother hood is the best for any woman

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| May 29, 2017

yes playing batmitton with my son is more fun for me than watching social websites. we should not waste the time we spend with kids during their childhood once they grown they will be busy . dancing and cycling with my kids are a great exercises for me even studying with them is also a great time thank god i decided to be a homemaker. story telling is also a great time for our family.

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Mary Sharmila

| Jan 20, 2017

awesome Mom. Makes me think a lot.

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| Jan 04, 2017

u r indeed "the coolest mom".

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DrSS Pandey

| Dec 27, 2016

intresting to read

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Leslie Ebrat

| Oct 05, 2016

really awesome story. it really teaches you a lesson that we should all keep in mind. now in days we are all so into our smartphones and our electronics that every minute that we spent on it is a minute taken away from our loved ones. in that moment when we are taking our last breath we wish we would have dedicated it more to our kids than a stupid phone.

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Rajni Sanghvi Kothari

| Oct 04, 2016

very good and motivating lines.... this is not about kids but also for parents to be away from gadgets when they are with kids. nowdays we are also so much indulge with phones n gadgets dat we unknowingly forget it sequences. But this blogs of yours will be a reminder for us to make memories...

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Sirisha Sridhar

| Oct 02, 2016

Good line..... what would they talk...... every parent needs to ponder

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Archana Sharma

| Oct 01, 2016

Parenting is daunting and passes through different phases. A phase when we are running around them, correcting them, explaining them and now is a phase on every step outside my daughter reminds how to be careful on road and stay vigilant while using public transport.

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aparna yuvaraj

| Sep 30, 2016

i hope every young parent gets to read this! Loved it and brought me back memories of my childhood wid my cool mamma too... hats off!!

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Dr Pooja AttreyPT

| Sep 30, 2016

delightful :) I am wondering what we will talk about.. me n my son.. I hope we make great n fun memories for that :):)

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Shweta Ferdinand

| Sep 30, 2016

Such delightful and heartwarming read, Leena. I'll always remember your ending phrase "What will they talk" This is more than enough to keep my son away from gadgets.

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Amruta Dodhiwala

| Sep 30, 2016

Very well written!! And it is so true.. and very difficult not to give gadgets to our kids. Cheers!!! for being the coolest momma.

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