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How to Choose The Right Formula Milk For Your Baby?

Tasneem Sariya

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Updated on May 21, 2019

 How to Choose The Right Formula Milk For Your Baby

Feeding your baby right is one of the most important aspects of parenting. As a mom, I am always stressing on ensuring that my baby gets the right amount of nutrients that are essential for his proper and timely growth. Breastfeeding is of course, best for the child for the first many months. However, a few moms are unable to breastfeed their babies. One of the biggest reason is insufficient milk supply. Or there could be many other reasons why breastfeeding may not be just enough for the baby. In such cases, formula milk comes to the rescue. In fact, for older babies who are even a year or two old, formula milk is often recommended by doctors.

But how does one choose the right formula milk for babies?

To choose the right formula milk for your baby, you first need to know a little about the different types of formula available in the market. Let’s understand more about formula milk

Types of Milk Formulas

There are basically three types of formula milk.

  1. Cow’s milk-based formula is usually the best and common formula milk to start with. Cow’s milk cannot be digested by the baby until the baby is more than a year old. But the cow milk-based formula milk has the right balance of carbohydrate, protein, and fat that is easily digestible for an infant.

  2. Soy milk is given if regular cow milk formula seems to have side effects on the baby.  If the baby begins to develop rashes or gassiness with cow milk-based formula, soy milk can be tried after consultation with the doctor.

  3. Hydrolyzed formulas break up the protein into small parts that are easier for the baby to digest. In case, the baby has milk protein allergy or difficulty in absorbing nutrients or skin illness, such as eczema, hydrolyzed milk formulas are opted for.

Besides, these three basic formulas, there are others, such as lactose-free formula, premature and low birth weight formulas, metabolic formulas, organic formulas and more. In all of these, it is best to consult your child’s doctor. Also, some babies may have problems such as gassiness, colic, spitting or crying when you introduce them to formula. The problem may also be with the feeding bottle and not so much with the milk formula itself. It is also best to stick to the same milk formula and not keep changing it over and over again.

Forms of Milk Formulas

There are also three forms of milk formula, ready-to-use, liquid concentrate, and the one that comes in the powdered form. You can also choose which form suits you and your baby best.

  1. Ready-to-use is the most practical and convenient to use. No mixing is required, but they have a limited shelf life and should be used within the declared time frame. These are also the most expensive when compared to the other forms.

  2. Liquid concentrate requires water to be mixed with the formula as per instructions on the packet. It is hassle-free as compared to powdered formulas but more expensive than powdered ones.

  3. Powered formulas are the most commonly used. They are most economical though it takes more time to prepare these. The powdered formula also lasts longer than the other forms as long as not mixed with water. You also need to ensure that you are mixing only boiled drinking water in the formula powder.

Age helps you determine which will be the best formula

  • The age of the child is also another factor that helps determine the milk formula. Take a look at the formula packets to ensure that you are choosing only those that cater to the age of your baby.
  • Also, it is best not to add any extra ingredients or supplements to the milk formulas on your own. They are prepared to keep in mind the age and digestive ability of the baby.
  • Again, in case of any questions, it is best to consult your doctor who will also help you choose the right milk formula.
  • Finally, there are a number of milk formulas that are found in the market. You can choose from any of the brands by taking a look at their ingredients, type and form to choose for yourself. Some of the known baby milk formulas brands in India are Similac, Nestle Lactogen, Enfamil, Farex and Dexolac.

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| Aug 04, 2019

Hi my baby girl is starting her 5 month can I give her formula milk or cows milk

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| Jul 14, 2019

Hi my daughter is 7 month old. She is on formula feed right now (bf2). Kindly suggest me whether powdered milk is good for her or cow milk????

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| Jul 07, 2019

yes u can give lactogen ...

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| Jul 05, 2019

Nestle lactogen farmula milk tik h ya nhi. Mera baby abhi two month ka hua h.

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| May 26, 2019

my baby has completed 6months and was on formula milk brand name is Enfamil.. for last 5months... my question is whether I can start him on formula milk of any other brand now {6months completed}

  • Report

| May 26, 2019


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| May 25, 2019

Mera beta bahut royal hai ji

  • Report

| May 24, 2019


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| May 21, 2019

HI my baby 4 month one week.... night time lot of crying... day time sleeping what is problem

  • Report
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