How to deal with constipation post pregnancy?

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How to deal with constipation post pregnancy
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Constipation post pregnancy or postpartum constipation is one of the common problems that may affect you after you have delivered your baby. Though there is no one particular reason for postpartum constipation, the obvious ones could be

1. Consumption of iron pills during pregnancy

2. System drugs like diamorphine (given to ease the labour pains)

3. Caesarean delivery among others.  

But with these few changes in your diet and lifestyle you can have easy bowel movements

1. Stay hydrated:  Drink at least 12-15 glasses of water every day to keep your body hydrated & improve your bowel movement. Water is natural flusher so keep that bottle of water handy and keep drinking from it time to time.

2. High fibre diet: Fibres help in easing the bowel movements so avoid processed food and go for natural food like fruits, salads and boiled vegetables to ease the postpartum constipation.

3. Nuts and Dry fruits: Nuts and dry fruits are a rich source of fibre and have the tendency to ease the bowel system so include them into your diet as:

  • Include 2 dates with 1 glass warm for bed time.
  • 4-5 black raisins soaked in water for 5-6 hours or soak them overnight & have it in the morning empty stomach.
  • Two slices of papaya with 1 glass warm water at bed time.
  • Half tbsp. flax seeds powder with 2 tbsp curd [consume on any three days of a week]2nd  week 1 tbsp flax seeds powder with 2tbsp curd [on any 3 days of the week] 3rd week 1 tbsp flax seeds powder with 2 tbsp curd on any 2 days of the week at bed time.
  • Two figs with 1 glass warm water at bed time

4. Stool softeners: You may also like to opt for some stool softeners like Isabgol, kayam churna, or triphala. Here’s how you can consume it.

  • One tsp isabgol with 1 glass water at bed time
  • One tsp kayam churna with 1 glass water at bed time.
  • Two tablets triphala with 1glass water at bed time.(take advice from doc before having )
  • Thirty ml aloe vera juice with 1 glass water at bed time.(take advice from doctor before having )

With these few steps you may have a smoother bowel movement but do have patience as it will take some time for you to reach a state where you are not constipated.

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| Jul 22, 2017

pls help me from constipation prob... hard stool..

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| Jul 19, 2018

constipation problem

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