How to discuss divorce with your child

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Updated on Jun 19, 2012

How to discuss divorce with your child

Here's how to tell your kid about the change that will occur in his/her life.

Break the news as a couple
It's time to put your animosity aside and come together with your spouse to convey to your kid that the marriage is going to end. Make a plan as to how you're going to break the news. You need to show your kid that though you won't be together, you can cooperate as parents and that you and your spouse will continue to take active involvement in his/her life.

Do not blame each other
Even if you cannot stand each other, avoid criticizing the other parent in front of your kid. Playing blame games in front of kid can so irreparable emotional harm to him/her. So as a parent, it is your responsibility to make sure your child isn't involved in your conflicts.

Be realistic
When telling your child about the divorce, be honest and realistic. Keep their age in mind avoid sharing a lot of details about the split. At the same time, do not give false hopes by saying that you will be together after sometime. They should know that their life is going to change after thedivorce but at the same time assure them that they would receive the same kind of love from their parents. Prepare them for the change without being too emotional.

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| Nov 21, 2018

what if the child doesn't know about the father means the parents are separated when the child was two months old and the father does not need the child and has not met the child.

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| Nov 04, 2018


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| Jun 04, 2015

A must know how for parents opting for divorce. Kids do suffer and cope up with time. Relationships are heard and seen going berserk too often in a liberal environment. I Pray for world peace. God bless.

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| Nov 05, 2012

A taboo topic for many but important nonetheless.. even grown ups need advice on such sensitive issues.. great job.

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