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How to Get a Proper Breastfeeding Latch

Vandana Chawla
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Updated on Oct 17, 2020

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Latching is an important aspect of breastfeeding. It is the way your baby takes your nipple and areola into the mouth to suckle. Without a proper latch, your baby will not be able to get the milk that is needed. At the same time, your breasts won't be stimulated to produce more. This will lead to a poor milk demand and poor milk supply. 

This may also lead to your breastfeeding nipples becoming cracked and painful when the latch is not right.

A proper latch often takes time, trial and error, and yes, sore nipples.

The ideal latch includes both the nipple and the surrounding areola. 

How to get baby to latch


Hold your breast with your free hand, once they are in the right position. Place your thumb above the nipple and areola at the spot so that your baby's nose touches your breast. Keep your index finger such that your baby's chin touches the breast. Now lightly compress your breast, to give it a shape that somewhat resembles your baby's mouth. Now bring your baby to your breast and allow the rooting reflex to kick in, and turn her mouth toward your breast and make her mouth open wide. Allow her to take your nipple and areola into her mouth.


Remember you've got a proper latch if your baby's chin and tip of her nose are touching your breast.


Watch this as Lactation Expert Vandana Chawla talks of latching positions,

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