How to groom your son to become a good father

Neha Gupta Mittal
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Updated on Mar 14, 2020

How to groom your son to become a good father
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On this special day I would like to take your attention to some little to do’s for fathers only. These random acts will help you groom a son who is classy and a daughter who knows what she deserves once she is grown up.

1.Help the lady

Be it your wife or your mother, you should help her with her work. Once you are done with your ‘me -time’ activities gather your alacrity and proactively contribute to their chores. It creates a joyous atmosphere at home and children learn peaceful co-existence where one family member is helping the other. Thoughtfulness is the best gift the lady of the house can get.

2.Use good language

A raised voice, foul language, high pitch and angry expressions leave a child perturbed. Using respectful language towards people at home as well as in the society is a positive habit. Children learn by observation – Greeting others, a casual hello!!! These go a long way in making a child into an extrovert. A firm tone with empathy towards your child is enough to put your point across, even the child follows suit in his/her life.

3.Drive safe

‘Speed thrills but kills’, read it on the highway. Why associate fun with rash driving, so fathers it’s a plea that drive safe. Be it an SUV or a sedan, do not make the car journey into a race, because your child is watching and weaving a dream of driving faster than you. You carry the compose, to save an accident but luck may or may not favor your child once he is behind the steering.

4.Organize your stuff

If you keep your own cupboard, desk, study, bedroom, living room organized, it inspires your children. Right thingin the right place saves a lot of time and energy. Even children develop that habit, and the house decorum is maintained effortlessly.

5.Limited gadget use

Playing games, surfing, watching video content, chatting are good options for taking a break. But equally important is quality interaction with family members and catching up on popular TV shows together. Be an active listener so that you can help your child develop the right values and virtues. Balanced gadget usage can be taught by example.

6.Balance and time apportioning

Howsoever busy you are make time for your family. These days it is very important to read a child’s psychology. Children have many unrealistic expectations and fictitious fears. You need to give time to balance their anxiety and enthusiasm. For this you need to spend quality time with them. Each day as you schedule your meetings, set aside a dedicated time slot only for family. May be you will spot what your wife cannot and mutually travel this beautiful journey called ‘upbringing.

7.Responsible citizen

Awareness towards environment is one of the most important traits for this generation. It is fulfilling, rewarding and occupying also. Plant trees, participate in campaigns, and voice your opinion over environmental issues, keep the surroundings clean and your children will grow up to become assets to the society.

8.Encourage your spouse

Your better half has her aspirations and expectations from life.  Encourage her to follow the same, push her to carve her space and grow. Watching from the shore in self-doubt is not as good as swimming in the waters. Let her confide in you about her hurdles and failures so that you can help her sail through. In this kind of family atmosphere, you can expect your children also to develop a strong bond with their respective spouses based on support and understanding.

9.Pursue your hobbies

Never leave the company of your hobby. Sports, reading, travelling, are pursuits to die for. They help you retain your individuality; they let you preserve your interests. They give you a welcome change amidst the worldly chaos and enable you to play a better father, husband and son.

10.Stay fit

Fitness is an active choice, on an everyday basis. Exercising and meditation keeps you energized, also making you look smart. With excess availability of junk food and processed eatables, you can teach your child to eat right and stay physically fit by your example.

This looks like 10 pointers but in reality it would sum up a child’s world. He/she see the world through our eyes, and we need to have a perfect vision. Barring a few pointers, they are all applicable to mothers as well. But I staunchly believe that a father’s role-modeling act has a stronger impact on children.

So this Father’s Day do resolve to live by these to-do’s and I would be glad to know what else fathers actually think and do for the same. Do share in the comments section.

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| Jun 18, 2017

beautiful piece Neha! very thoughtfully jotted pointers. keep writing!

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| Jun 18, 2017

yes... very well said!

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| Jun 19, 2017

thnku Shikha

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| Jun 19, 2017

well articulated Neha ..

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| Aug 19, 2017

very nice writeup. it wil surely help be better father and citizen.

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