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How to handle aggression in a 4-year old

Richa Aggarwal
3 to 7 years

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Updated on Sep 16, 2020

How to handle aggression in a 4 year old
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It is no surprise that children are exhibiting behaviors like irritation and aggression in these times. Lockdown has made it difficult for children - limited social interaction and online school & classes for months over months, it certainly has posed many challenges for them. Parents must understand their problems, the reason for children's aggression and then handle these in a positive manner without losing their cool. In these times, it is important that parents be careful how they talk, how they behave and how you deal with your child.

Finding answers to questions like why is my child aggressive ?, how should I deal with my child's aggression ?, what are the possible triggers? What should I do as a parent? Is very important.

You can start by having a conversation with your child and simply asking him what makes him angry. You can then think of making a routine and include work and play time with some flexibility. Assign responsibility to your child. Also, think of creative ways that can make your child calm and relax like coloring, playing, dancing etc, and limit the screen time. Do not get angry yourself, instead be nice. Give love and comfort to your child and stay kind. You must set a good example. Appreciate your child if he does something good. At the same time, also communicate well if their behavior is unacceptable. 

Watch this as Psychologist Richa Aggarwal talks about how to handle aggression in a 4 yr old after a long lockdown.

Watch the entire video with Psychologist Richa Aggarwal to know all about how to handle irritation, aggression in children and deal with it in an effective way and also how to structure their day.


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