How to help my child deal with fear of failure?

Shweta Chopra
7 to 11 years

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How to help my child deal with fear of failure

With examinations on, these are very stressful times for our children. While as parents, we understand the need to be on their side, some constructive activities such as meditation and chanting will help children deal with the pressures and fears of exams. Read the blog here by a life coach.

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garima shrivastava

| Mar 14, 2017

hi my child 10uear old, is very talkative, smart intelligent, but if u say something she is grandmother how to deal with grandmother's she too fear ful in her attitude also very lazy to do thing how can I make her do yoga and make her concentration stronger pls help

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Sunita Patro

| Mar 25, 2016

Very helpful information!

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Shweta Chopra

| Mar 07, 2016

Hi Chaithra, Start meditating or doing Yoga together as a family. Mark out a time during the day, anytime... night, afternoon.. when there is no maid or anyone ekse to disturb and do some deep breathing exercises, or simply hold hands and chant a prayer, or AUM. Doing it together boosts the child's motivation... and then casually sit and talk to her as a friend. this should help. I don't know whether the admin of parentune will allow it or not, i can suggest you to reach out to me on my fb page, communicative souls, or drop a msg at communicativesouls76@gmail. com. After talking to you personally i will get a clearer picture. thanks

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Chaithra Ranganath

| Mar 03, 2016

Hi I live in Bangalore. My 6th grade daughter is not able to gel with her classmates and is always in a negative frame of mind at home and outside.. as parents we feel she needs counselling and a healthy atmosphere where yoga meditation and spirituality is given importance. Could u suggest me what needs to done please.

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Swati Nitin Gupta

| Mar 02, 2016

Interesting points covered in the blog Shweta

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