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How to increase weight in a 3 to 4 months old baby

Archana Reddy
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Updated on Dec 30, 2020

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Babies grow at their own pace. Baby weight follows a consistent pattern. Newborns also lose some weight after they are born but regain that weight. 

Proper nutrition is important to your baby growing and thriving. This is what you should look for. If you are breastfeeding, then increasing the feed will lead to increase in weight. Most breastfed babies gain weight in an expected manner as long as they latch well and feed often. It is important to make sure that your baby gets enough breast milk. You should also take a good diet rich in nutrients so you can feed the baby well.

Feed the baby in isolation and a quiet and dark room so there is no distraction and the baby can drink milk with focus. WHO says if the baby is doubling weight in 6 months that means the baby is gaining good weight.

 If your baby is passing urine regularly, drinking mother's milk, not falling sick, then the baby is doing fine and you need not worry about the baby's weight. 

Check out this video with Nutritionist Archana Reddy as she talks about how to increase weight in a 3 to 4 months old baby.

Watch the entire video with Nutritionist Archana Reddy to know all about food and nutrition for your child's overall growth and development and healthy eating habits in children where she gives some important tips.


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