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How to increase weight in an underweight child

Archana Reddy
1 to 3 years

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Updated on Dec 11, 2020

How to increase weight in an underweight child
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Do you think your child is weak and underweight? With a lot of talk around child obesity, it is important to keep a check on low weight. If your child has problems gaining weight, you should start by ensuring that the most of the meals including the snacks are nutrient-rich. Sometimes, issues with the digestive system can prevent a child from gaining weight. Some children have conditions like chronic diarrhea etc. making it harder for children to absorb enough nutrients and calories that helps in gaining weight.

Some of the tips to help your child gain healthy weight include eating consistently on time, eating larger than normal portions.

Also, select higher calorie foods, drink lots of juice and low-fat milk, enjoy tasty and weight gaining foods like peanut butter, nuts, avocado, and olive oil. Also, physical activity and exercise is also important and helpful. Protein rich foods that can help in weight gain include peanut butter, eggs and other nut butters, hummus and milk, yogurt and cheese.


It is also important to limit drinks at mealtimes. This helps as your child does not get filled up and may want to eat more food.

Check out this video with Nutritionist Archana Reddy as she talks about how to increase weight in an underweight child

Watch the entire video with Nutritionist Archana Reddy to know all about Food and Nutrition for your Child's overall growth and development and Healthy Eating Habits in Children where she gives some important tips.


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| Jan 20, 2022

Great inputs .

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