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How to keep your child safe online -- 7 Tips!

Sonal Pawar Kadam
11 to 16 years

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How to keep your child safe online 7 Tips

With cyber crimes on rise and the latest one being a gaming challenge, it is becoming quite important to ensure that our children are safe online. There are numerous dangers lurking in the cyber world that can be or rather are a threat to your child's innocent and trusting nature. Our proparent blogger Sonal Kadam shares some interesting insights on how to ensure that your child is safe online. 
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Shikha Batra

| Sep 13, 2017

this blog seems all the more pertinent ,keeping in mind dangerous online games such as blue whale challenges terminating in a suicide ,that today's teens are ready to take up . what makes them take such extreme steps, what is that parents missed out while raising them or what is that they expected in terms of outcome of participating in such games are certain grey areas which need to be explored further. parents need to be alert and cautious, also connect well with their child and monitor their day to day activities.. to ensure their children are safe online .thanks for sharing!

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