How to raise your son differently? Well, don't!

Anushree Basu Bhalla
1 to 3 years

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How to raise your son differently Well dont

Is it any different being a mother to a boy than being a mother to a girl? Or is it sufficient to just be a mother? This blog gives insights into what values a mother wants to instill into her son, without burdening him with sociological paradigms.

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Manjaree Parmar

| Jul 09, 2017

hii Anushree, written very well.. I agreed with you..

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Sohini Neogi

| Aug 20, 2016

Wonderfully written Anusree.. it is very well articulated.... which I, as a mother of a little boy can completely relate to. I also totally agree with Gargi.... that mental preparation about your baby boy growing up one day is so very important for all of us.

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sridevi b

| Mar 15, 2016

Hi my daughter 2. 8 years . What ever she ask we have to give. Otherwise she will throw everything. Like cell etc.

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Gargi Banerjee Kundu

| Dec 21, 2015

Very well written and something I connect with, being the mother of a boy. Even my parents raised me "like a boy" and I too, in a "divine conspiracy" have become the mother of a boy. I think its important that a mother, from the beginning, stops herself from clinging to her son which most mothers in Indian households do. This is a learning, a mental preparation that someday my boy will move on in life, have a family of his own and most importantly, have a woman in his life other than me. Mothers should learn to give space and respect to the growing years of the son. That will make both of them the best of friends.

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Sangeeta Nair

| Dec 01, 2015

Wonderfully written! I struggle with similar thoughts on and off being the mother of a boy so rightfully written one needs to be a mother and inculcate good values like our parents did and hope that they grow up to apply them regardless of the gender they interact with!

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Neetika Gautam

| Dec 01, 2015

Thank u for this... U have written it so nicely

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shilpa wadhwa

| Nov 24, 2015

I always wondered the same about 'i raised her like a boy', 'i was taught to drive like a boy', I cringe at these because by saying so, we are widening the very gap we are trying to fill. Though I understand our parent's context of the same, I am surprised to hear such stuff from the younger generation. But yes, a mother first is the right starting point. Very well written Anu :)

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Dr Deepak Solanki

| Nov 22, 2015

Well written ,anushree. Loved the way you streamlined your words into beautiful sentences and eventually, a wonderful blog .

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Madhu Rathore

| Nov 18, 2015

Informative post indeed... I definitely agree with you on "to be a mother first – irrespective of the gender that my child happens to be"

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