How to say "no" to your child

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How to say no to your child

A Child can at times make it really hard for a parent to say no- whether it is a toddler throwing tantrums over a toy or a teenager who has discovered his/her new found independence and decides to talk back to the parent. This blog is about how to handle angry outbursts, tips on turning around negative experiences and on when and how to say NO to your child.

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chandrani das

| May 26, 2017

Superb write-up!

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Kavita Kumar

| Apr 13, 2017

hello my son is seven years old and he always demands for a new toy and when we refuse,he got aggressive. We try to give him options but he doesn't understand and irritate us and also misbehaving us. At that time, we feel helpless

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| Apr 09, 2017

explaining things to my 2 yr old before we step out has really worked for me... i do it every time we go out and now he is used to it... he kind of waits for my instructions the moment we get into the car...

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Shobana S

| Mar 27, 2017

Children more than age of 2 years can understand your speech. explaining them before we are going out really helps a lot. for example if you are taking your child to a mall, explain your kid how to behave, and it is not good ask for whatever they see. tell the kid that we need to buy only the needful things. always carry your child's favourite snack. don't ever beat or shout them. if your kid pulls everything, tell them strictly that it is not good. often take them out. they will get used to it. Whenever your has not misbehaved or when they listen to you, appreciate . I use to put a star in son's hand. Never get your child all the things they cry for, it will spoil their future. you have to select all their things don't allow them to decide till they are atleast 10. Buying them their choice of food , flavour of ice-cream are not the issues.

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Anand Kumar Bijlani

| Mar 22, 2017

does the idea equally work with toddlers of 2-3 years in malls etc.

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