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How To Select A Hospital For Child Delivery?

Chayanika Sen

Created by Chayanika Sen
Updated on Apr 12, 2021

How To Select A Hospital For Child Delivery
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Selection of hospital for child birth is an extremely crucial decision and requires in depth knowledge about the hospitals around, facilities and amenities available therein, logistics and infrastructure and level of services available in those hospitals. A few tips on how a hospital should be selected for child delivery have been discussed below. Choosing the right hospital equipped with amenities and good service standards relaxes the mother to be and arouses a sense of security and comfort that she and the baby to come are both in safe hands.

Proximity From Residence

It is best if the hospital is located close to the place of residence. Labor pain may necessitate immediate hospitalization. Moreover paying frequent visits become easier for you, and your family members if hospital is located in close vicinity from home. Selection of hospital which is close to residence reduces hassles and travel.

End To End Maternity Needs

It is important to know about the labor-delivery and recovery rooms in hospitals before deciding. Neo-natal facilities, ICU units, provisions for handling high risk pregnancies, operation theatres, special care units for children and implementation of hygienic standards is a must check at the time of deciding a hospital for child birth. This becomes all the more important because the mother and child may both need emergency care and it is important for the hospital to be equipped with amenities to meet such requirements. Facilities to handle pre-mature deliveries, high risk births, and postpartum neonatal care are very important considerations.

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Availability Of Medical Experts

One has to check on the entire team of medical experts available at the hospital and also whether such help is available 24*7. Availability of full time and visiting gynecologists, anesthesiologists, pediatricians, obstetricians, neonatologists and multi-specialty doctors to handle emergency situations is a must check.

Whether The Gynecologist Or Attending Medical Practitioner Has Attending Privileges

Preferences and ease of the attending Doctor are also important considerations while deciding upon the hospital for delivery. There are certain hospitals where preferred Doctors have attending facilities. Moreover, Doctors who have performed multiple surgeries have complete knowledge about amenities available and can accord meaningful and valuable opinions about selection of hospitals.

Stem Cell Banking

A lot of hospitals these days have their staff trained for collection of stem cells from the umbilical cord at the time of delivery. It is best to consider a hospital where the staff is well versed with the collection procedure so that this can be executed effectively.

Insurance Coverage Facilities

An important factor is the insurance coverage available. It is important to check the extent of coverage available for different delivery types and whether hospitals have cashless tie up with the insurer or whether expenses will have to be reimbursed post discharge.

Cost Of Maternity Package

There are plenty of hospitals available and hospitalization cost varies big time in most of them. The cost of the room chosen, delivery charges, expenses to be incurred on operation theatre and neonatal care, medicine cost and subsidiary expenses may vary from one hospital to another. Hence, it is important to check all the relevant cost details and select a hospital post considering the total cost depending one ones budget and medical insurance coverage.

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Other Factors

A few other factors which are important for selection of a hospital for child birth are as follows-

  • Facility for family member to stay with the patient
  • Visiting hours when friends and relatives may come and visit the new mommy
  • Patient to Nurse Ratio at the hospital
  • Lactation support unit after delivery
  • Training and assistance on handling of new born baby

Did you find these tips useful? Do share your thoughts and tips with fellow parents in the comments section below; we’d love to hear from you.

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