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How to Spot Drug Use in Kids. How to get rid of addiction?

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Updated on Oct 06, 2021

How to Spot Drug Use in Kids How to get rid of addiction

In Mumbai, the team of Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) arrested 8 people who were having drugs party after raiding a cruise in Mumbai late on Saturday night. According to news agency PTI, a total of 8 people have been detained. Among these 8 names, Aryan Khan, son of famous film actor Shahrukh Khan is also included.

Being a victim of drug addiction in puberty and adolescence is becoming a big problem. The biggest challenge for parents is how can they understand that their child is becoming addicted to any kind of drug? 

In this blog, we are going to give you detailed information about what parents can do to prevent adolescent children from becoming a victim of drug addiction. We will also talk about symptoms to know if the child is using drugs.

  • If there is a sudden change in the temperament or mood of the child, then be alert or if the child is acting more violently or aggressively than before

  • The child is now putting himself in alert mode i.e. refusing to let his parents into his room without asking, refuses to touch his bag or cupboard 

  • The child has started asking for more money or has started stealing money from home

  • Drinks a lot of water and is seen brushing teeth frequently to get rid of bad breath

  • Putting some kind of medicine in eyes to hide the redness in eyes

  • Nervousness, restlessness, irritability in nature may also be symptoms.

  • Feeling physically and mentally exhausted, or there is some loss of memory

  • lack of sleep, headache, body cramps

  • loss of appetite, excessive sweating

  • Vomiting diarrhea even when not feeling ill

  • difficulty making decisions

All these symptoms can also be of other diseases, but you should not ignore these symptoms and must consult an expert or doctor. Dr Harish Shetty, a Mumbai-based psychiatrist, says that from the age of 14, children may start getting addicted to drugs. 

Dr Shetty explains that if counseling is started in the early days, then the child can easily leave the addiction. Long-term use of drugs and drugs can weaken the memory of the child and the behavior of the child starts to change.

According to Dr Shetty, children easily fall into addiction like weed, meow drug MDM. Apart from this, cigarettes, tobacco, gutka also come under the category of addiction.

If a person in the family is addicted to drugs, then seeing him, children can also be motivated to take drugs. If parents are addicted to any kind of drug, then children can also have such genes which can pull them towards drugs.

If the environment in the house is not good and there is a lot of strife, then children can turn towards drugs.

Consuming alcohol during family functions can have an effect on children. The effect of home stress can also have an adverse effect on children.

Some children become addicted due to peer pressure.

How to help a child quit drug addiction

  • The most important thing is to instill a sense of self-confidence in your child. Talk to them and tell them that they are fully capable of giving up this bad addiction.

  • Counseling from a psychiatrist or doctor- If a child has become addicted to drugs and the parents have come to know about this, then first of all consult a psychiatrist.

  • Communicate openly with your child

  • Encourage your child to do meditation and yoga.

  • Ginger juice with lemon water can also be beneficial.

  • Explain to your child that they should make up their mind to quit. The most important thing is to have strong faith in the mind.

  • Keep telling positive things to the child and keep them physically active.

  • Gift a child a book about the harms of addiction

  • Explain to your child the benefits of why body fitness is important. Tell them that the greatest wealth in the world is physical fitness.

  • Involve your child in extracurricular activities. Incorporate dance music, gardening, some kind of sports or any other activity that the child enjoys doing. 

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