How To Stay Fit And Healthy As A Woman

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Updated on Mar 31, 2021

How To Stay Fit And Healthy As A Woman
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Our lifestyle, responsibilities, culture and values always keep us on our toes 24/7.But somewhere we forget to take care of ourselves. . Through this article I am going to share some tips and tricks which can help you to keep the flow of energy and moods on track and keep yourself fit and healthy. Working women or homemakers, in both the cases work load is always there either office work pressure or household chores .Here we all need management and many of us might be managing all this beautifully. But do you ever think we are missing something very important in our daily routine.


Yessss….. We are missing ourselves, our ‘Me time’ which is only meant for our health and fitness. Always remember If we are healthy women in the house then only we can keep our family healthy, fit and happy. Some of us may be lucky who can actually take out their time for fitness. But, most of us actually forget to take care of our health. We should understand that at some point of our age hormonal change happens, specially in late 30’s and we need to take special care of our health at this time. There will be some mood swings and can be any other health issues which need to be taken care of at right time, before it gets worse. So there are some basic points i am focusing upon which will help you to stay in a better, healthy and fit life.

Regular workout - Workout or exercise can be done in any form like yoga, dancing, skipping or any other sport of your interest, but it should be done on regular basis. Workout helps in improving the blood circulation of the body, flexibility in muscles, prevent joint pains, strengthen muscles and bones, bring glow to your skin and also it gives long term health benefits. It is important to take out at least 20 to 30 mins in a day for workout. Before you start your day give a kick start by doing the workout of your choice.


Drink plenty of water in a day

If you are a mother, join your kid in any of his/her physical activities like sports, dance etc. Use stairs instead of lift if possible and if you are living somewhere on a high floor try to give your best in using halfway stairs and halfway lift, as this helps you in improving your cardio.

Eating Habits and Never ever skip your meal I don't know why ….but I have noticed busy women like us tend to skip the first meal that is breakfast. Breakfast itself mean break that 9 hrs of fast which we kept last night when we were sleeping and also some people define breakfast as its first break of our day. No matter how much busy you are or how much work is planned for morning but never think of missing your breakfast .Spare at least 15 mins for breakfast if possible with family and then start your day. Exercise and a healthy full diet gives you a beautiful energetic kick start of your day. Your brain muscles will get more active and you can shine like a star for the entire day.

Manage and plan your day accordingly for smooth movement throughout the day. Always keep a good diet planner as per your health and body requirement. You can consult any dietician regarding this. And this is important because good health can lead to a good life of yours and your family.

Give rest to yourself We all women keep ourselves high in spirits when it comes to our work and responsibility. But to keep this in smooth flow we need a proper sleep and rest too. So it's better to complete your work on time and take a sleep for at least 7 hrs in the night, otherwise you will be depriving yourself from a good health. It's good to divide your house chores with other family members of the house or else ask for help. Plan your day accordingly, where you allow yourself to take a break. Do involve meditation and yoga asanas in your daily life to avoid stress and anxiety.


Dedicated to all superwomen of this world. Stay fit and healthy.

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