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How to Stop Bottle Feeding a 1-3 Year Old Child?

Tasneem Sariya
1 to 3 years

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Updated on Jun 01, 2018

How to Stop Bottle Feeding a 1 3 Year Old Child
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Weaning away the bottle and making your child accustomed to using the cup or glass can be a mammoth task. Bottle feeding is not just about providing nutrition and milk, but the bottle also symbolizes a sense of comfort and security which your child may find hard to let go. Bottle feeding a newborn is common; however, most parents want to know how and when to stop bottle feeding. So what is bottle feeding? Feeding milk to your child from a bottle is called bottle feeding. Most children form an attraction to the bottle since it is an extension and remembrance of their mother’s breast milk. Read more: What should be Milk Intake for Babies, Infants?

What is the Right-age to Stop Bottle Feeding?

Doctors recommend introducing the cup as early as when the baby is six months old. Of course, there will be a greater mess as your child will find it difficult to handle the cup. However, by the end of the first year you must try and stop the usage of the bottle as much as possible. Sippy bottles are best alternatives to try when the baby is around 10-12 months. After the age of 1 the child does have hand eye coordination and can hold the cup steadily.

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But why should one stop bottle feeding? What are the negative effects of bottle feeding? Besides the obvious fact that you would like your child to give up the bottle because he is getting old, there are also other disadvantages of bottle feeding.

  1. Dental problems–

    Prolonged use of the bottle may lead to dental issues. Since children have the habit of drinking milk at night and then sleeping off without brushing, the milk tends to get accumulated on the teeth. This might lead to cavities and decay of teeth
  2. Obesity–

    Toddlers tend to drink more milk than required when they are comfortable with the bottles. This may lead to obesity as the babies are used to snuggling the bottle for any little irritation, leading to a more than required higher intake of calories

How To Stop Bottle Feeding 1-3 Years Child?

Below listed are ways to stop bottle feeding toddlers.

  1. Gradual Weaning–

    If your child is using the bottle twice in the day, then begin by taking it off once at a time. Do not stop the bottle all together, but do so gradually so that your child gets used to it. Also, first stop the morning and afternoon bottle feeding and keep the night bottle feeding to be weaned off last
  2. Attraction towards the cup–

    Try ways to make the cup attractive, such as, getting cartoon painted or colorful cups that will interest the child. A new cup or a character that the child loves painted on the cup will fascinate the toddler
  3. Encourage the child–

    Praise the effort the child takes while drinking from the cup. Encourage the child and show your appreciation. This will make the toddler happy and in want of your appreciation, which in turn will attract them towards the cup
  4. Smart tactics–

    Simple tactics, like throwing or keeping the bottles out of the reach of your child, or diluting the milk in the bottles to lessen the taste, are some ways to let your child gradually let go off the feeding bottle.  

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  5. Understand the child’s need–

    Very often the bottle is the best thing to give to a disturbed child. As a parent you will have to stop using the bottle as the comforter for your child’s irritation and take extra effort in addressing the real reasons of discomfort and spending more time playing or interacting with your child


Bottle feeding is a part of growing up of the toddler years. Weaning the bottle away in time is an important a milestone too.

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| Sep 19, 2018

My daughter is 21 months old and she is habitat of bottle feed even a water she doesn't drink from glass or cup... I have tried to stop bottle for a week but she has refused to drink milk n water from glass as a result her urin was dark yellow of dehydration.. What should I do?

  • Report

| Sep 04, 2018

hello.... meri beti 3 yrs ki hai bt woh abh bhi bottle leti hai raat ko 2 time or full day mai b 2-3 tyms.... cup glass mai bilkul b milk nhi peeti or patli b hai khana b kam khati.... iske liye kya kru

  • Report

| Aug 15, 2018

my child is 2years old now.. nd has habit of thumb sucking... he has habit of drinking milk in night by bottel.. nd if not given he starts thumb suckin... so what should i do to break his habit of night feeding.. plz suggest me something

  • Report

| Jun 16, 2018

Try and give your child a filling meal at night so that he doesn't wake up for milk. Slowly skip giving him the bottle one time and try to make him sleep without it at least once before stopping it completely. However, if your child still wakes up then you can give him milk in a glass or cup which may eventually deter him from getting up.

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| Jun 16, 2018

how to stop bottle feeding at night my child is 18 months and want to have milk at night twice he wakes up twice at night for milk

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| Jun 11, 2018

As long as your girl is healthy please do not worry about her being thin. If she is physically active and mentally growing there is no need to worry.

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| Jun 06, 2018

hiii meri beti 1 year 9 month ki hai bt wo kuch khati nhi bht dublii hai mai Dr re hmesha milti bt Dr kehte khelane or bottle chowane wo bottle piti hai plz kuch tips btaye Jo wo kuch moti ho jaye

  • Report

| Jun 05, 2018


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| Jun 05, 2018

cysts f tiger

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| Jun 04, 2018

You can try and follow some of the points listed in the write up, such as, offering milk in attractive cups and gradually weaning your son away from the bottle. Best of luck!

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| Jun 03, 2018

how can i stop my 17 months baby from BM

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