How to tackle mood swings during pregnancy?

Sumitra Gopal

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Updated on Dec 09, 2018

How to tackle mood swings during pregnancy
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I never understood my body or mind when I was pregnant- I was swinging between happy and sad, hungry and yet full, sleepy with fits of wakefulness and tired & Super hyper... all at the same time. The emotional roller coaster was tough for Nakul and tougher for the families to comprehend. But I Guess I got away because I was 'Special'.

I always wanted healthy and happy babies so I made a resolution to channalise my energies and keep my mind productive and my heart happy. For what you sow is what you reap!

1. Surround yourself with happy people: This is not the time (well no time is) to be with those who will not appreciate you, will spread negativity and take advantage of your vulnerability.

2. Engage in an activity/ revive a hobby: I always loved embroidery and knitting. While the babies were preparing themselves in my womb, I was knitting woollens and embroidering their wrapping sheets. The result of my hard work gave me immense satisfaction

3. Exercise and stay healthy: Pregnancy is not a disease so I really did not need to stop exercising. In fact I worked out at the gym till the last day of both my pregnancy. The adrenaline rush Post a workout was good to uplift my spirits and working out throughout my pregnancy helped me recover from my c-sections faster.

4. Take time out for yourself and what you want to do: If you don't do this when you are pregnant chances are you won't be able to do it once the child arrives. I always had 1 hour a day that was only for me to be with myself. When Jerry and later Kiki arrived I was able to steel that time to retain my sanity!

These were few hacks that helped me tackled my extreme mood swings during pregnancy. What are/were yours? Do share them in the comments section below as we would love to hear from you as well.

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