Monsoon Brings Rain and Pain- How to Take Care of Joint Pain in Monsoons

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Updated on Jun 22, 2022

Monsoon Brings Rain and Pain How to Take Care of Joint Pain in Monsoons

It's the monsoon season and the best way to embrace the season is with a hot cup of tea and delicious pakoras. Though monsoon season is loved by all but at the end it also brings the risk of joint pains. 

As per some medical experts, it is believed that joint pains triggered during the monsoon season could be due to the colder climatic conditions thereby causing the joints to be less flexible and mobile.  Moreover, nutritional deficiency could be another reason. So, make sure that you don’t take this pain lightly. 

So, we have curated a helpful guide for you where we will focus on how you can take care of joint pain in monsoon season. Therefore, get ready to enjoy the rainy season and immerse yourself in the lush greenery around by following these tips. 

Tips on How to Take Care of Joints During Monsoons 

  1. Stay Warm- The monsoon season is accompanied by excessive rains and cold winds and this could make your surroundings potentially cold. This can further worsen the condition of people suffering from arthritis. Therefore, the best way to keep yourself warm is by staying indoors and not stepping outside. You can also use warm water bottles and keep yourself well-insulated. 
  2. Plan Your Diet Well-Eating the right and well-balanced meal is very important especially for the people suffering from joint-pain related issues and arthritis. Eating healthy and nutritional food during monsoons will come to your immediate help. It is advisable that you should eat food such as fruits, vegetables, nuts like walnuts, almonds, and whole grains. You should also  include different types of herbs and spices as it will help you in fighting inflammation. And keep yourself well-hydrated. 
  3. Do Some Basic Stretching Exercises- Another effective way to stay away from joint pain during the monsoon season is by doing some basic stretching exercises. In fact, stretching your muscles is a great way to start your day. Basic stretching exercises for your joints and knees are simple to start. Start by sitting on the floor and your legs should be stretched in a V-Shape. Try to stay in that position for as long as you can. Stretching is very beneficial for the body as it promotes blood circulation, and improves overall flexibility. Regular exercises along with morning or evening walk is the only way to keep the joint pains at bay.
  4. Take a Warm Bath- Having a warm bath in a cold climate is very relaxing and calming for the soul as well as the mind.  A dip in the warm bath will take away all your pain and you’ll enjoy the overall feeling. In case the pain does not subside, then you can also apply warm compression on your painful joints to reduce the pain. 
  5. Carefully Monitor Your Health- In some cases joint pains can also trigger serious issues so make sure that you are constantly monitoring your health and if needed don’t hesitate to visit a doctor. Your doctor will prescribe you some medications so make sure you are in sync with your doctor’s instructions. 
  6. Opt for Oil Therapy- Well, some ayurvedic oils work like magic on joint pains. In fact, during the monsoon season when you take out time to treat your aching joints make sure that you use the time well by applying some ayurvedic oil. For instance, Vitamin E oil is considered to be very beneficial for curing pains. So, take some Vitamin E oil and combine it with crushed garlic and cloves. Now apply this to the area where you’re experiencing pain. Different types of cold pressed oils, mustard oil, and even olive oil can be used for hot compression. But in case you are experiencing inflammation avoid hot oil compression.

These are the 6 simple ways by which you can easily subside the joint pain during the monsoon season. All you have to do is to be careful and make sure that you don’t ignore the joint pain signs. Monsoon is a pleasant season so make sure you are able to enjoy it to the fullest by following all the precautions mentioned above. 

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| Jun 24, 2022

Choose oil therapy: Certain ayurvedic oils have been shown to have magical effects on joint pain. In fact, when you take some time during the monsoon season to cure your painful joints, be sure to make the most of the time by using some ayurvedic oil. For instance, vitamin E oil is thought to be extremely helpful for treating pain. So take some vitamin E oil and mix it with cloves and crushed garlic. This should now be applied to the area that hurts. For heat compression, several cold-pressed oils, mustard oil, and even olive oil can be used. However, avoid hot oil compression if you are suffering inflammation.

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