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How Working Parents Can Spend Weekends With Their Children

Urvashi Shah
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Created by Urvashi Shah
Updated on Feb 24, 2020

How Working Parents Can Spend Weekends With Their Children
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Being working parents is hard since the two of you might not be able to give your child enough time every day. This makes it difficult for the bond to strengthen at times and you cannot always be up-to-date with your child’s everyday life.

If you and your partner both are working parents who hardly get time to spend with your child throughout the week, you must make most of the weekends. A weekend can be used to bring out the fun side in you and enjoy with your little one who has been craving for your love and affection.

Ways to Spend Quality Time with Your Child

Are you in dilemma like what can I do with kids & family on the weekend? With a number of ways to spend with your child, here are a few of them-

  1. Camping on Weekends

    This is one of the best ways to spend with your child amidst Mother Nature. The birds chirping, beautiful clouds hovering while the trees swaying are a few perks that you can enjoy once you find out a perfect camping spot. You can even go out of the city and host a camping weekend with your family and friends. Throughout the camping, you can take up various activities such as fishing, cooking and playing several field games that you are less likely to play in your concrete jungle
  2. A Family’s Day Out

    If you cannot plan the entire weekend out with your family, you can spend the day out with your child. Do the activities which your child loves the most such as catching up on a movie which he/she has been awaiting, playing in the park, visiting an amusement park, catching up on dinner and even enjoying a few licks of ice cream whilst coming home. In this way, you will be catching up on all the lost time during the week
  3. Take up a Sport

    Weekends are a great way to indulge in some sports which you like. You can take initiative with your child and pick up your favorite sport which your child will likely enjoy. Be it swimming, playing tennis or even cricket, there are many to choose from. This will also give you a chance to introduce a sport to your child
  4. Stay at Home and Relax

    If you are too tired to go out anywhere, simply plan a relaxing day at home with your child. You can watch movies, eat popcorn, play hide and seek, read books and even bake a cake with the help of your spouse. These activities can be enjoyed with your family which will help you bond in a much better way
  5. Go Shopping

    If you have a bunch of groceries to shop for during the weekend, you can take your child along who will also have a fun time with you. Once your shopping is done, you can wind up the day by going for dinner at your child’s favorite restaurant or simply get a take away so you can eat at home while watching a movie


These are the best ways that you can make the most of the weekends with your child who seldom gets to catch up with you during the tough week.

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| Feb 15, 2018

amazing suggestions!

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| Apr 05, 2018

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