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I Finally Found The Softest Diaper For My LO

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Created by Ayushi
Updated on Oct 31, 2018

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Ever since my son was born, my entire focus has been towards his comfort and wellbeing. Just like most of my friends, I have changed umpteenth diaper brands and it has been a task. Which one to choose? Once chosen, will it be healthy to use it for longer periods without issues? Ads, marketing messages, product packaging were a little overwhelming for me at times. A common fear that bothered me was using diapers for long hours which could cause skin rashes or infection to my baby. Talking to other mothers and trusting your own intuition is what I sought but this too was often confusing. But my diapering worries wrapped up with New Pampers Premium Care Pants. This Pampers diaper ends my labour of love and gives me time to simply diaper my toddler and spent quality time with him without any worries.

Even after selecting a recommended brand, I was apprehensive if it had all the qualities, as mentioned on the pack. Read on…

Smooth as cotton, these diaper pants deserve a definite 5/5 when it comes to softness, absorbability, and breathability. In short, these are the softest diapers I have come across - new Pampers premium care pants have me and my son smiling in approval! Let me walk you through all the fantastic features of this diaper.

When you touch this diaper, you feel that it’s ultra-soft – something certainly suitable for baby’s skin. The unique shape on the sides allows free movement to my baby and the air channel technology that it has, creates space for air to flow freely thus offering overnight dryness to him. Moreover, there are no more diaper marks left on the waist of my baby – it’s now a concern of past - the belt of the pampers pants is soooo soft and stretchy that it fits him well and he doesn’t feel like he is wearing a diaper.

The next thing I would like to talk about it its super breathability - with moisture-resisting comfort for a rashes-free wearability, these diapers don’t need to be changed as frequently as other ones. This was a pleasant surprise for me as I have a good amount of experience dealing with diapers by now. I remember many instances when I used to see irritation on my son’s bumps and I’m happy this is no more a case with Pampers. I’ve shot a video for the same – scroll up to watch my video review.

The other most innovative feature I would say is the wetness indicator that turns the outer line from yellow to blue on full dampness. It alerts me that it’s time for a diaper change. Isn’t it something really fantastic? I think it’s a super smart feature.

The absorption factor ensures that the wetness is distributed across the length of the diaper and does not lump together in one place – something that used to be the case with the old diaper brand. Secondly, I actually liked how the diaper pants smell – yup! there is Aloe Vera lotion layer in the diaper which prevents skin rashes and infections while passing a soothing fragrance.

The next thing I’m sure is a well-thought-through by Pampers and I would like to highlight is – the disposal tape – it comes pretty handy when you want to dispose of them – I love this feature! Simply tear at the sides, roll them over, secure with the inbuilt disposable tape and do away with the soiled diaper in an environment-friendly way.

Diaper use has never been this easy and comfortable for me, to be honest. New Pampers Premium Care Pants comes with thoughtful elements, unique features, and refinements that gives me a certain confidence to use diapers for my baby.

With these pants, I am no longer scared of diapering my baby for long hours. This is certainly my go-to-choice in diapers.  Ultra soft, breathable and super absorbent, they keep wetness away and my baby more playful than before.

Happy Parenting with New Pampers Premium Care Pants and I am sure you will pick this product again and again because there is no match for this at this price point in the market.

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| Nov 28, 2018

it's truly soft .....

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| Dec 15, 2021

Everyone knows that a soft and dry diaper is the best for newborns. However, for some babies and toddlers, like mine, the softest diapers aren’t nearly as soft as they should be. Need to check to get more skills about management. Sure, it’s good to think that microfiber diapers are always better than cotton, but they’re not always the case. Many brands of diapers come with their own mix of microfiber and cotton. To find out which is best for your baby, you need to experiment with different diapers and different brands.

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