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indicators for healthy weight gain in infants

Huda Shaikh
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Updated on Sep 15, 2020

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One of the trackers for physical growth and development in infants is the ideal weight as per their age. Once the child is 6months old, his weight may stagnate. According to Nutritionist, Huda Sheikh, this should not be a cause for great worry. As long as the child is putting on anywhere 500gms to 700gms weight in a month, it is an indictator of healthy weight gain.  By the time the child is 1 year old, a weight of 10 to 11 kgs is considered adequate.

One of the trackers for physical growth and development in infants is the appropriate weight as per their age. In this video, Nutritionist and health blogger, Huda Sheikh talks about the ideal weight gain for a 6 month old child and also shares tips to incorporate the right balance of food for ensuring adequate nutrition in the child. At the same time it is important to ensure that your child is responsive, active and is able to digest the food properly and not suffer from colic or other stomach related issues.  

Mothers can incorporate different varieties of food for providing a balanced nutrition to their children. Huda recommends giving soft foods like soft rice mixed with daal, khichadi, stewed or mashed fruits like mashed bananas, stewed pears and apples , different forms of porridge such as broken wheat, millets, buckwheat, and oats. She also emphasizes on continuing breast feed for children in addition to the introduction of these semi-solid foods.




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| Sep 16, 2020

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