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Immunity in Infants

Dr Manoj Yadav
0 to 1 years

Created by Dr. Manoj Yadav
Updated on Jan 09, 2022

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Everytime a baby is exposed to a germ or a virus, they produce their own antibodies. However it is important to note that building immunity takes time to fully develop. Initially babies have passive immunity which is borrowed immunity - the one that is passed from the mother to the baby but this does not last long and starts decreasing in the first few weeks 

Building immunity is very important and childhood is the critical time for it. Nutrition plays an important role in improving immunity. Fruits, Vegetables and sometimes supplementation helps. Besides nutrition, physical activity & exercises, and good sleep are also important to developing immunity. 

Here are some ways to boost your child's immunity

  1. Serve more fruits and vegetables - Fruits and veggies are loaded with vitamins and immunity boosting nutrients like vitamin C that help increase the body's infection fighting white blood cells. Include fruits and vegetables like carrots, green beans, oranges and strawberries

  2. Boost sleep time - Numerous studies show that sleep deprivation can make you more prone to illness by reducing natural killer cells, immune-system weapons. So a good sleep in quantity and quality is very important.


  1. Breastfeed your baby - Breastfeeding your infant is a proven way to significantly improve their immunity by enhancing white blood cells and antibodies. Colostrum, the thin yellow "premilk" that flows from the breasts during the first few days after birth is particularly amazing for immunity. 


Besides these, exercising and a healthy lifestyle are important to build immunity. 

Watch this as Pediatrician Dr. Manoj Yadav talks of how to improve immunity.

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