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Thank You To The Real Heroes Of Today

Shalini Singh

Created by Shalini Singh
Updated on Aug 14, 2020

Thank You To The Real Heroes Of Today
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Our forefathers fought in the freedom struggle to get us independence. It is our duty now to protect, respect and preserve that independence for generations to come.

This Independence Day, we salute people and organizations who have made us proud with their grit, courage and perseverance. We salute their spirit as these people have restored our faith in humanity.

Major Anuj Sood

Major Anuj Sood was among the five security personnel who died in a firefight in Changimul, Handwara in Kupwara district in north Kashmir on May 2nd, 2020. He bravely fought the terrorists to save the civilians trapped inside a house.

Born on December 17, 1989, Major Anuj Sood was a second-generation officer who always wanted to join the armed forces. He was rightly nicknamed as ‘Fauji’ in the school. He was selected to join the Indian Institute of Technology but Anuj always dreamt of serving his nation in the uniform. People who didn’t know him and the family well thought that he would pick IIT over NDA, and were surprised when he chose to join NDA. Major Anuj was the torch holder for all the six terms. Being an infantryman he also did his M.Tech from IISc Bangalore and topped with distinction.

Anuj’s Father has also served the Indian Army. He is survived by his wife Akriti who said she always knew her husband would sacrifice himself for his country if the time came.

India will never forget his supreme sacrifice for his nation. The valour and courage of Major Anuj Sood is an inspiration for each child to put Nation before self. He is a role model for future generations to come and we feel grateful to have such patriots guarding India’s border.

Sonu Sood

Actor Sonu Sood has been a Messiah for many amidst Coronavirus Lockdown. The speed at which Sonu Sood has extended help and support to migrants is exemplary. He has not only provided food and other essential items to the needy but has also arranged special buses and railway tickets for stranded migrant labourers so that they can reach their homes in these tough times.

After migrant workers, he helped the Indian students who were stranded in Kyrgyzstan for the last 4 months due to the coronavirus-induced restrictions. He has arranged charter flights in association with SpiceJet to get over 1500 Indian students home. He also helped airlift 177 stranded girls in Kerala reach their homes in Bhubaneswar. 

This real-life hero has been working round the clock with his team. He started a call centre with a toll-free number so people could reach out to him at the earliest.

Sonu Sood has indeed set an example for all of us, the one that speaks of humanity, compassion and character. It speaks volumes about how helping others and dedicating yourself to a cause is the most noble thing.

Gurtej Singh

The 23 year Sepoy Gurtej Singh fought his enemies against all odds in the recent India Chinese standoff. Hailing from Beerewala village in Punjab's Mansa district, Gurtej Singh joined the Army in December 2018. 

On June 15th, 2020, four Chinese soldiers attacked Singh. He swung around two of them, and as two others tried to pin him down, he dragged all four of them and flung them over. Severely injured in the neck and head, Gurtej Singh pulled himself back to the fight. He used his kirpan to fight more soldiers. And then snatched a sharp weapon from a Chinese soldier. 

Sepoy Gurtej Singh took down 11 Chinese soldiers before he was stabbed from behind. But the brave and unstoppable Gurtej Singh killed his final 12th enemy with his kirpan, before going down. 

Slogans of 'Gurtej Singh Amar Rahe' and 'Bole So Nihal Sat Sri Akal' were heard around his native village. The proud father of braveheart Gurtej Singh said "There's the grief of losing a son, but I also feel proud of the fact that he laid down his life for the country."

He put his duty before everything else and that is an important lesson that Gurtej Singh has left us with.

Front-line workers

From doctors and nurses to support staff, the kind of support and resilience that front-line workers have been showing during the Covid Pandemic is commendable. They are worthy of appreciation and salute. In the process of treating others round the clock, some of them have contracted the virus. Unfortunately, some of them have also passed away. But nothing has deterred them from performing their duties. In these times, they have come out as soldiers of the nation.

One of them is Dr. Malvika Burman from Guwahati Medical College who tested Corona positive while treating Corona patients. This did not stop Dr. Burman who is a single mother to carry on with her duties. As soon as she recovered, she got back to treating patients.

Doctors and nurses from different parts of the country were on duty continuously for days and nights to fight Covid-19, leaving behind their families. Amidst the panic where everything got locked down and everyone was scared, these people were admitting patients, allocating beds, treating them, calming them and their family members in a selfless and tireless way without a minute to rest. 

Some of them have referred to that as a war-zone like situation. Working extra shifts one after the other while reassuring their own families and keeping everyone's morale high, front-line workers have been nothing less than Gods in these tough times.

Indian Railways

The kind of support that Indian Railways have shown during this pandemic deserves an applause. The ministry took numerous measures to help and support the government in its battle to fight the pandemic.

Indian Railways has been providing modified train coaches as isolation centers and COVID-19 care centers with necessary facilities like oxygen cylinders, mosquito nets, hospital style infrastructure through its resources.

Indian Railways has also brilliantly used its outreach and wide network to keep the emergency supply chain alive by distributing food and other commodities in remote areas.

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