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Instructional Video : Baby Berths in Trains

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Updated on Jun 14, 2022

On the Occasion of Mother’s Day this year, the Indian Railways introduced foldable baby berths. This was part of a pilot project of the Northern Railways wherein they conducted a test run with  a separate bed fitted on the two lower main berths of Lucknow Mail. The concept of ‘baby berth’ facility will be extended to other trains based on the response received from passengers.


The aim of this move is facilitation of mothers traveling in the train with infants. This joint effort of the Lucknow  and the Delhi divisions of the Northern Railways has received mixed feedback so far from the netizens. The Indian Railways was praised by many for this unique idea and complimented for the initiative while some pointed out the flaws in the design and the inadequacy of the baby berth. 


Here is all you need to know about Baby Berths in trains:


  • In order to make train journeys a comfortable experience for their passengers traveling with infants, Indian Railways has launched ‘baby berths’.


  • Two foldable baby berths with dimensions 770mm in length, 255mm in width and 76.2mm in height were fitted to berth numbers 12 and 60, the two main berths of the second cabins on both the ends of AC three-tier coaches on the Lucknow Mall Train. 


  • This concept of baby berth was introduced on experimental basis in Lucknow Mail 12229/30, Coach No. 194129/B4 which runs between Delhi and Lucknow.


  • The idea is to provide additional space for parents to accomodate children who might be too young to be left unsupervised on a single regular berth and make their train journey comfortable. 


  • The baby berths are fitted to the lower main berths of Lucknow Mail.


  • These can be folded and secured with a stopper when not in use. This is done in order to keep children from falling off during travel.


  • It’s a pilot project of the Indian Railways and has been done on a trial basis.


  • Based on the feedback of passengers, plans will be drawn to expand the concept of baby berth to other train services.


  • The necessary information will be available at the Centre for Railway Information System (CRIS) and the passengers will be able to book the berths on request. 


  • The baby berth booking system will be similar to booking of senior citizens lower berths which is currently in use.


  • Once a passenger says yes to traveling with a child, the berth will be offered to them by the national transporter.


  • As per the National Railway official, currently it is at a nascent stage and at present there is no mechanism to book the lower berth for women passengers traveling with babies. 


  • This new initiative will facilitate the ease of travel for mothers traveling with babies.


  • This concept would allow women to travel by train while sleeping peacefully next to their children.


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