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International Day Of Forests

Soma Sarkar
11 to 16 years

Created by Soma Sarkar
Updated on Mar 21, 2018

International Day Of Forests
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March 21st is observed as International Day of Forest. This initiative was started by United Nations General Assembly on November 28, 2012, due to alarming deforestation. .

We are multiplying our population rapidly and we need more space to live. We cannot create space, so the only option left is to replace forest with concrete buildings. Forests are home to all animals and as they are decreasing, animals have started entering towns, most commonly Monkeys. Apart from sustaining flora and fauna, forests are natural air purifiers and providers of oxygen; maintaining the ground water level, holding the soil and what not, trees are a man’s best friend!

Unlike all other sinful acts performed by humans on nature, cutting down forests is not something that can be reversed quickly. The time for a tree to grow is way much more than to take out it roots.

Sustainable earth is something that we cannot achieve by celebrating it for only one day and continuing with our greed for the rest of the year. Forests are the natural beauty on the earth which is very necessary to be conserved for everything to be in balance.

Saving forests is something that needs to be absorbed in our subconscious just like second nature and there is no better way than to teach it to a child.

How To Educate You Child About World Forest Day?

  1. Make sure each year you go for vacation or visit some nearby tourist place for trekking and spending time with nature etc.
  2. Let them know that we are dependent on forest for our life. It is a complete ecosystem which helps us to survive. Food and all other needs we have from forests
  3. All are connected through a chain so we should work towards making good efforts to continue the chain
  4. Stop hunting animals and cutting tress
  5. Teach them to use pencil and eraser carefully as they are made from forest and not waste paper. Encourage recycling. Save water and use electricity wisely
  6. In school they can make good posters or make prior arrangements to plant more trees on forest day or on any special occasions like birthday etc. Plays can be shown to young children on how deforestation is destroying ecological balance. They can form a committee of groups of children who can give ideas to make their school or home green. This can be as an extra-curricular activity option, NGOS could be joined to do more work. Enough support and encouragement should be there from parents

Our next generation should not to be punished for our sins. At least we can decrease the suffering of Mother Nature by teaching our kids about the extreme importance of forests and what we can do to save them. Let's learn and teach our kids that it’s not ‘me’ or ‘I’; it’s ‘us’ so think for the masses and not individually.

Let's save our forest before it is too late. This Forest Day let's take the initiative to plant trees and educate our young ones to save everything. We can take a little time from our busy schedule to take care of our nature.

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| Mar 23, 2018

Great blog! Thanks for sharing this :)

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| Oct 01, 2021

Sustainable earth is something that we cannot achieve by celebrating it for only one day and continuing with our greed for the rest of the year. - Stretch Ceilings

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