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How To Introduce Your Child To Robotronics

Urvashi Shah
7 to 11 years

Created by Urvashi Shah
Updated on Sep 17, 2021

How To Introduce Your Child To Robotronics
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Robotronics is the world leader in safety education products that is targeted especially towards children who are 14 years old and younger. With over 6,000 interactive robotic characters, and thousands of costumes, puppet programs, and educational materials in use around the world, no other private organization has a greater commitment to promoting safety awareness and injury prevention for children.

Today the world is dependent up on robots to do every sort of work, from cooking to driving to working in the office, robots have become a large part of our every day existence. This is why we must teach our children the basics of robotics by having them introduced to Robotronics first

Let us take up the reason as to what is the importance of introducing kids to robotics and coding?

Teaching your child to assemble software or hardware will get him/her a gist of the concept which he/she will repeat and experiment, thus, enhancing their knowledge. As the child learns more fundamentals of math and physics in school, or on his/her own, the child has a framework to accept that new knowledge. That will allow him/her to visualize and realize key facts in relation to the experience. This increases their interest in each subject which helps children to relate to abstract concepts too. Robots are a great source to motivate the child to learn math, science, technology along with engineering. In order to augment your child’s interest in the same.

Here are a few robotic kits and toys that you can consider-

  1. HexBug:

    This toy is a robot in itself which is autonomous in nature and can operate on its own without human intervention. This bug like robot wiggles around like a bug and is able to flip over on its back and also flip back on its feet. With different kinds available in the same, this makes a perfect start for budding engineers. With no set up required, this is a toy for your child who will be encouraged to explore more in to the world of robots
  2. Lego Mindstorms:

    Available at a toy store, this is a robotics kit, which includes computer controller, sensors, motors, and the Lego pieces. After building the robot, the child can use the computer and other components to program the robot. Following the directions provided in the kit, a child should be able to make and program a simple robot in about 30 minutes. There are also various challenges for the child to program the robot. These challenges are easy to achieve. With the NXT 2.0 kit you can build many different types of robots including a humanoid robot, a machine, and an animal. Give your child a head start in to the world of robots with this fun kit
  3. OWI Frightened Grasshopper Kit:

    With a solar powered back, this robot kit is made with minimum components. Apart from learning to make robots, this kit is also great for learning how the sun can create energy. If you, as a parent assist your child in building the robot, it can be a fun activity that will help you bond with your little one

There are various robotic kits available in the market that caters to children’s age groups and dexterity level. While some of the robots are more toys than educational products, but they can still help for children to build learning experiences and positive attitudes toward having fun with science, math, and technology. These are the ways to help child grow love for robotics.

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