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Is Garlic Healthy For Your Toddler?

Kshitij Yadav
1 to 3 years

Created by Kshitij Yadav
Updated on Oct 17, 2018

Is Garlic Healthy For Your Toddler
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Does your kid suffer from an intestinal problem? Does you kid have ear ache? If yes, then you should consider using garlic to treat his intestinal problems and ear ache. How is garlic helpful for kids? Garlic is a curative herb which is popular for its pungent smell and unique taste. The herb contains a natural compound popular allicin, which imparts several medicinal qualities to the herb. Garlic is rich in significant nutrients and provides your kids loads of health benefits and healing effects.

Health Benefits of Garlic For Babies:

Cures Intestinal Problems:

Garlic treats several abdominal troubles, such as colitis, diarrhea, and dysentery. It effectively kills harmful worms present in the intestine without interrupting the functioning of useful microbes in the intestine. All you eed doing is to add an required amount of garlic juice to your toddler’s diet to get rid of harmful bacteria that cause intestinal problems in babies.

Cures Ear Aches:

Garlic contains anti-fungal, anti-biotic, and anti-viral properties, so it plays a vital role in curing earaches in kids. You can use garlic oil, mix it with olive oil, and use the oil mixture to cure earaches. Your child will get quick relief from the maddening ear ache.

Cures Hypertension:

Garlic works as an effective herbal cure for hypertension in toddlers. Allicin in the herb rests the blood vessels and reduces the effects of hypertension in kids. Also, garlic helps diminishing accretion of platelets and combats thrombosis in kids.

Fights Cold and Cough:

Raw garlic contains loads of curative properties that are able to cure a cold or cough. Once you detect the signs of cold, give your child two freshly crushed cloves of garlic to lessen the symptoms. Your toddler will get relief soon.

Cures Eye Infections:

Garlic is rich in nutrients, such as quercetin, vitamin C and selenium that are very effective in treating eye infections and depleting swelling of eyes in kids. You still need to consult your physician about an apt use of garlic for children to treat eye infections.

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| Jun 03, 2018

how to give garlic to my daughter. she is 2. 5 yrs old.. she has runny nose most of time .i am tired of giving medicines no use.

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| Oct 17, 2018

how to use it

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| Aug 02, 2019


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| Aug 02, 2019

Baby nhj

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| Aug 02, 2019

Liomjjh h Nb. N bytes the best

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