Is Solar Eclipse Harmful During Pregnancy? Precautions & Significance

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Is Solar Eclipse Harmful During Pregnancy Precautions Significance
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Solar Eclipse has always triggered a kind of fear in the hearts of pregnant ladies. I too was not immune to the fear, for when it comes to our baby; we mommies will do anything to safeguard them. However, post my delivery, I wanted to know more about Surya Grahan and its effects on the pregnant ladies and unborn babies. But first let: s understand what solar eclipse is before we learn about its so-called effects on you and your baby. [ Check This - Should Expecting Moms Worry Lunar Eclipse 2020? Precautions, Dates & Effect ]


2020 has witnessed four Penumbral Lunar Eclipses and an Annular Solar Eclipse (Surya Grahan) so far. The last Grahan of the year will take place this month. It will be a Purna Surya Grahan or Total Solar Eclipse. The Grahan will be visible from some of the South American countries

It will be a Purna Surya Grahan or Total Solar Eclipse. 

Surya Grahan December 2020 timings

As per the Indian Standard Time, the Surya Grahan or eclipse will take place between 7:03 PM on December 14 and 12:23 AM on December 15. The maximum eclipse is expected to be at 9:43 PM.


The times below are actual times (in UTC) when the eclipse occurs.


UTC Time

Time in New Delhi

First location to see the partial eclipse begin

14 Dec, 13:33:55

14 Dec, 19:03:55

First location to see the full eclipse begin

14 Dec, 14:32:34

14 Dec, 20:02:34

Maximum Eclipse

14 Dec, 16:13:28

14 Dec, 21:43:28

Last location to see the full eclipse end

14 Dec, 17:54:18

14 Dec, 23:24:18

Last location to see the partial eclipse end

14 Dec, 18:53:03

15 Dec, 00:23:03


Please note that these local times indicate the beginning, peak, and end of the eclipse on a global scale, each line referring to a different location. They do not refer to a specific location. The local times for New Delhi are meant as a guideline.

What Is A Solar Eclipse?

As per what science says, a solar eclipse is said to happen when the moon comes in between the sun and the earth, making the earth go dark for a few moments. Now, science would explain the phenomenon as purely scientific and based on planetary orbiting, but the fact that earth loses out on the sun in the day has some astrological connotations to it as well. Celestial events are always huge milestones, but then, so is pregnancy, and when the two happen to occur together, there is bound to be something to take away. [ Read - Things Pregnant Moms Not To Do During Solar Eclipse ]

Is Solar Eclipse Harmful During Pregnancy?

Though scientifically there is no evidence that a solar eclipse can affect pregnancy or harm an unborn baby, yet there are religious and astrological beliefs that may inspire superstitious beliefs in us. Pregnancy is one of the most delicate and important times for a woman, and it is but natural to be extra careful and all the more sensitive to not just the medical aspects that concern a pregnancy, but also the traditional codes that are followed through the gestational period. And that is why I feel it is worth discussing whether a solar eclipse is harmful during pregnancy or not.


Surya Grahan & It's Astrological Significance

Astrologically, a solar eclipse or a Surya Grahan is said to occur when the mighty Sun is shadowed by Rahu or Ketu, both considered as rogue planets. I would just add here that Rahu is the north node of the moon, and Ketu is the south node, and so a large population is believed to get affected when these two planets block the light of the Sun from reaching the Earth. Because both these astronomical bodies are believed to be very powerful, they are also believed to have malefic effects on people. And if you are pregnant at this time, you will be advised to be cautious to avert any adverse effects of the planetary positioning.

What Should You Do If Pregnant During A Solar Eclipse?

Though a natural phenomenon, pregnant women who believe in astrology and the science of the Grehan's are advised to take the following:

A Pregnant woman's concern about what are the dos and don'ts during Solar Eclipse

  1. Stay Indoors: Pregnant women are advised to stay indoors as much as possible; as it is believed that stepping out could cause facial deformities or birthmarks in the unborn baby. Cleft lips or unsightly birthmarks are believed to be caused if the mother steps out during a Solar eclipse

  2. Never Look at the Eclipse with Naked Eyes: Now this does have a scientific connection as well, and whether pregnant or not, you should never look at the eclipse with bare eyes. In fact, looking at the Sun directly with naked eyes could damage the retina

  3. Avoid Using Sharp Objects: Pregnant women are advised not to use sharp objects like pins and needles and knives as using them is believed to cause birth defects in the baby

  4. No Sleeping: During the eclipse time, pregnant women should avoid sleeping. If possible, they should sit on some darbha grass spread on the floor

  5. Bath Twice: If you are pregnant at the time of the solar eclipse, it is advised to take a bath before and after the eclipse. A head bath should be taken after the eclipse gets over to nullify all the ill-effects of the Surya Grahan

  6. Chant Mantras: To safeguard yourself and the baby from the malefic effects of the solar eclipse, chant Santana Gopala Mantra or MahaMrutyunjaya Mantra during the eclipse period. Vishnu Mantras and Surya Mantras are known to have beneficial effects

  7. Suspend Regular Routines: During the period of the eclipse, cooking, eating, bathing, drinking water, etc. are prohibited until the eclipse is over. All utensils should be cleaned after the eclipse to cook

  8. Block the Sun: To keep yourself away from the eclipse, block the sun's rays from entering your house by drawing thick curtains or covering the windows with newspaper


Remember, the above restrictions stem from the astrological and traditional beliefs and there is no harm following the customs. If observing a few do's and don'ts happens to give you and your family peace of mind, it is probably worth doing it.

What If I Can't Stay Indoors During Surya Grahan?

If there are circumstances that make you step out, do not panic. Rest assured there is no scientific evidence to suggest that a solar eclipse can be particularly harmful to you or your unborn baby. Try not to go too long without food and drink because that could cause symptoms like dizziness, headaches, nausea and even fainting. Dehydration can be a major concern during pregnancy. At the hint of any discomfort, reach out to your doctor.

Be reasonable while following your religious beliefs, making informed choices that are good for you, the baby and your family.

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| Aug 20, 2017

Is the solar eclipse visible in India?

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| Aug 20, 2017

In India, solar eclipse will not be observed... so no precautions is required to be followed by pregnant ladies... as per Pandititji and panchang.

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| Aug 21, 2017

Yes I agree. If it gives peace of mind to us and our family members then there is no harm following it. But one should not be superstitious or firm.

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| Aug 21, 2017

Hi Swati, thanks for stating in the end that it should be our choice and not just follow the superstitious believe mindlessly.

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| Aug 21, 2017

solar exclipse is not in India firstly... so nothin to worry

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| Aug 21, 2017

yes I agree with blog

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| Dec 27, 2019

liked the blog

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| Jun 21, 2020

Hello friends! My name is Shubham and I am a bit atheist and I trust God a little bit. Because of some rule of India and some of the superstitious. And this time, my mind deteriorated due to solar eclipse. My family members told me a lot this time about the eclipse, which did not enter my mind at all. So I went out to get information and I told you what I knew. So sometimes you have thought that how a solar eclipse day is more dangerous than a normal day. This question would not have come in the mind of more people because they never tried to think and know about it. The second reason is that the superstitious of society have settled their minds in their homes, which is very difficult to leave. And if someone tries to understand them, people oppose them because it is all against their religion. But once you do everything on the side, consider my words. You all must know why the sun is dangerous for anyone. Some dangerous rays emanate from the sun, which we call Uv rays. Our eyes can spoil by these rays. Then why is the solar eclipse dangerous? When the sun hides from the moon, every light gets reduced due to which the retina of our eyes spread. And those who are Uv Rays, go into the eyes, makes our eyes worse. We are only threatened by the fact that our eyes are spread more. Because of which Uv rays go to our eyes and damages our eyes. Pregnant women are not at any risk because solar eclipse does not increase the strength of any rays. That is why solar eclipse day is like a normal day, just the eyes are at risk. If you have any more information, then do share it with me. I will definitely get to know something new. And I hope you too have got some facts to go to.

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