Is your child old enough to join Facebook?

Neetu Ralhan
11 to 16 years

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Is your child old enough to join Facebook

Child: Mum, I want to join Facebook. Mum: Why? Child: Because all my friends are there! This was the first time Facebook invaded my otherwise ‘peaceful’ relationship with my 11-year-old. What followed was a volley of arguments and cross arguments about the virtues and vices of children spending time on social networking sites. Was raising a pre-teen ever this interesting? Well, for fellow parents who are faced with the ‘Facebook Dilemma’, here’s some information that might help you tread through this important decision.

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Kawaldeep Kaur

| May 16, 2017

Very well written. I agree to it

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| Feb 12, 2017

very nice and I agree with you. My elder daughter never demanded this from me but I don't know may be my younger daughter may ask so this really going to be helpful for me. Thanks

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| Jan 15, 2017


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Tejal Singh

| Jan 11, 2017

Hope the peace continues.... Well written... Enjoyed reading

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