Itching in 26th week of Pregnancy

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Updated on Oct 08, 2020

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Pregnancy comes with numerous metabolic and hormonal changes in your body and mild itching during this period is essentially a result of those changes. And as you progress in your pregnancy you might experience itchiness around your abdomen, and breasts, as the skin around these areas is stretching to accommodate the growing foetus thus causing the itch. In addition, if you have a dry skin the itchiness becomes intense and more pronounced. So let's go deep in this and see what are the exact causes of itching and is it why some mommies to be experience more itching than others.

What Causes Itching During Pregnancy?

Usually the itching during pregnancy is because of all the changes your body is going through this period like I said earlier as well. However, in some rare cases the itching can be due to an underlying medical condition for which you may need to consult your doctor. Sometimes the severe itching may be accompanied by other symptoms that clearly state that you need to consult a doctor. 3 main symptoms are

  1. Dark coloured urine
  2. Unusual bowel movements
  3. Yellow eyes and skin

Watch the video as Dr Pooja Mittal explains the causes of itching here in this video.

Watch the entire video on Women's Health & Complications During Pregnancy.

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