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Jaundice in newborn babies -- Causes, cure, symptoms and prevention

Ranjani Sinha
0 to 1 years

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Jaundice in newborn babies Causes cure symptoms and prevention

As a mother of a newborn it can be distressing for you to know that your baby has jaundice. More so when he or she was born healthy and without any signs of jaundice! So what is it that causes jaundice in healthy newborn babies? Can you prevent it or are there any home remedies to treat jaundice in newborn babies? If these are the questions that play on your mind as well, then worry not. Our proparent blogger Ranjini Sinha in her blog on Jaundice in newborn babies has tried to put rest to almost all the queries related to jaundice. She addresses following points in her blog • Jaundice in healthy newborns – causes, cure and symptoms • Is breastfeeding responsible for jaundice • Is newborn jaundice dangerous And few more points. Read on to know more...

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Nasreen R Shaikh

| Aug 12, 2017

yes i lyked it very much as i hav faced it once n got panicked as u told. now my baby is going to b 3 months old Alhamdulillah

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Ponna Jyothi

| Aug 10, 2017

hey nyc information mommy... I faced same situation tooo, but we mst b strong at tat moment as it is common phenomenon

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