Just had a baby? Take care! We tell you how...

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Just had a baby Take care We tell you how

My life after delivery became a boring routine where I was only taking care of the baby. My relationship with my husband also suffered as I didn’t have enough time or stamina to be with both him and the baby. I suffered from what is commonly known as postpartum depression. But I got my life back and today, I am a happily married mommy. Here, I’m sharing 5 tips to avoid falling into depression.

1. Realise your worth: No matter what the situation, remember that you are the mother and your role is important, so don’t underestimate yourself. You’re not just a wife or a daughter-in-law, you are a mommy now and no one but you know what is good for your baby.

2. Eat right and healthy: Your body has gone through a lot during pregnancy and then more when delivering your bundle of joy. So have mercy, respect your body and fuel it the right way. Eat healthy and right – avoid junk food and oily and spicy food since you will be breastfeeding. Plus, always keep yourself hydrated so that your energy levels are optimum.

#ParentuneTip: Keep snacking on fruits, dry fruits and nuts.

3. Ask for help whenever necessary: Remember you’re a mommy, but also remember, you’re not Superwoman. You do have your limitations, so accept them and seek help from your spouse or extended family when you need a time out. Take a nap when someone else is looking after the baby, or go for a salon treatment— anything that will make you feel good about yourself.

4. Worry less and enjoy more: This isn’t the time to worry about the weight you gained during pregnancy. There will be enough time for you to lose that. In addition, if you’re breastfeeding you’ll lose some of the weight on your own.

5. Enjoy the new family: Remember it’s not your baby against your hubby or the other way around. You three are a family, so involve your husband in taking care of the baby. He can change the nappy, or rock him or her to sleep while you rest. Believe me, both father and baby will enjoy the routine!

These are some of the ways I took care of myself post pregnancy and saved myself from postpartum depression. Did you go through the same thing? Share your views and feedback in the comments section below. 

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| Jul 22, 2017

I am also going through the same problem...

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| Jun 19, 2017

Me too facing same problem we live in nuclear family and my husband is mostly on tour. I am in great pressure

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| Mar 26, 2017

yeah i too witnessed this... i would want to add one more wy of overcoming it body massage.. thats really a stress buster n calms you down

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| Mar 16, 2017

yes..... I too faced the same thing but thanks to my family I could overcome it.... my husband too is very supportive and loves to do anything and everything for his little princess

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| Mar 15, 2017

Very true

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