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Keep Your Sleeping Baby Cool In Hot Weather : Tips & Tricks

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Keep Your Sleeping Baby Cool In Hot Weather Tips Tricks
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Summer is on the go. The increase in temperature can be a real worry for parents, especially of newborns and infants. It's imperative to keep your baby cool in the scorching heat. Keeping baby cool in the heat wave is not as easy as you think. Even though most of the parents try things to keep babies cool in hot weather, they overlook is to keep sleeping baby cool in hot weather. Continue reading to know more about keeping baby cool in hot weather, dealing newborn in hot weather, and more.

Why The Babies In Hot Weather Needs More Attention?

Newborns are at risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) if they overheat. The chance of getting overheat is more during hot weather. Their body is not yet able to regulate the body temperature as the adults. Your baby will show the signs of getting overheat. Watch out for the following signs and take immediate measures to cool them as soon as you detect any of these warning signs.
  • Moist head or neck (which are signs of sweating)
  • The face is redder than usual
  • Develops skin rashes
  • Rapid breathing
  • Reduced urination, both frequency, and quantity

How To Keep Sleeping Baby Cool In Hot Weather?

Babies sleep soundly in a room where the temperature is regulated between 16-20C. However, during summer, for the parents who could not afford air-conditioned room for the baby, it might be difficult for them to keep the room temperature anywhere near that. How to keep babies cool in hot weather in such circumstances? How to keep the sleeping baby cool and comfortable so that he or she would have a good night's sleep? Well, here are some tips to keep sleeping baby cool:
  1. Keep the baby's room cool

    In every home, there will be a room which is cooler than the rest. Move your baby to that room temporarily during hot summer. Getting a room thermometer is a good idea as you don't have to guess the temperature you are dealing with. Here are some tips to keep the baby's room cool so that the baby sleeps well
  2. During day:

    Open the windows:

    During the day, open all windows not only in the baby's room but also all the windows on the same floor. This will allow the air to circulate, thereby keeping the room cool to an extent. Remember to keep the blinds or curtains in the baby's room closed. This will keep away the hot sun rays and dust. The curtains should not be very thick to block the passage of air.

    Use green shade netting:

    Appropriate usage of green shade netting and awnings will also help to block the direct sunlight and keep the baby's room cool during hot weather.

    Traditional cooling techniques:

    You can try traditional cooling techniques such as bamboo blinds (chiks) or vetiver (khus) pads on windows. Bamboo is capable to keep out the heat and direct sunlight. Vetiver (Khus) pads soaked in water help to cool the room when the dry air passes through it. Along with the cooling effect, khus will diffuse a sweet aroma in the air. Hang wet towels over chairs and keep it near windows. The evaporating water will help the air to cool.

    During night:

    Put ice in baby's room:

    This is a practical method everyone could try. Place large bottles of frozen water (1litre plus in the baby's room. As they melt overnight, eventually it may help to cool the air in the room. Use Electric fans wisely: Usually, an electric fan will often just blow the warm air around. Therefore, there will be no significant result. However, placing a large bowl of ice or some frozen water bottles in front of the fan helps to circulate cool air in the room.


    Never position fan in such a way that it blows directly on to the baby.
  3. Bedding

    Proper bedding is also important when it comes to keeping your sleeping baby cool in hot weather.
    • Consider removing any waterproof sheets from your baby's cot while the weather is hot, as this will hold heat and will make your baby sweat
    • Use only cotton bed sheets. If your baby is wearing a nappy, he'll only need a light sheet as bedding
    • If you have to use a waterproof sheet or a plastic under-sheet, make sure you cover it with a few layers of cotton sheets, so that, the baby's sweat will be absorbed and the direct contact of the waterproof sheet with the skin will be avoided
  4. Dress the baby wisely:

    Every mother should know how to dress a newborn in hot weather, especially during the night. Even summer nights vary in temperature. The dressing of the baby should depend on how warm the weather is.
    • During the sleeping time, dress your baby in light, loose, and comfortable cotton clothes. Ensure measures to keep mosquitos away from your baby
    • Avoid full sleeved dress
    • If you find out the synthetic waistband of a diaper makes the baby uncomfortable, you can use cotton nappies instead of disposable ones
    • If the weather is too hot, you can make the baby sleep in his nappy
  5. Give the baby a bedtime bath:

    Making bedtime bath a part of the sleeping ritual is a very good option to keep your sleeping baby cool in hot weather. Make sure it will be a quick bath. A cool flannel or cold compress dabbed gently on your baby also will help to cool and calm him.

    What If My Baby Fell Asleep On Pram?

    If your baby falls asleep in his pram, you should watch him closely, as prams can soon become hot and airless. Usually, mothers tend to slip a large muslin or blanket over the front of the hood to block the light so that the baby could sleep. This is not good as the air will not be able to circulate inside the pram. This increase the temperature and this can have adverse consequences.

    What Should All Be Taken Care If Your Baby's Room Is Air-Conditioned?

    Big temperature changes can adversely affect your little baby's health. Therefore, before taking him out of the air-conditioned bedroom, switch off the AC or cooler and let him adjust to the gradual warming room. Once the room is warmer, more or less equal to the outside atmosphere, you can take him out.

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| Apr 24, 2018

amazing suggestions. thanks for sharing.

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| Apr 24, 2018

my baby is 9 th month old when he is sleeping he gets sweat on heads it's normal or not

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| Apr 25, 2018

Good one

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| Oct 02, 2018

my daughter is 9 months old. she gets sweats on her head while sleeping. Is this normal?

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