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How to Keep Children Safe During Diwali from Noise & Air Pollution?

Cheena M Gujral
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Updated on Nov 06, 2018

How to Keep Children Safe During Diwali from Noise Air Pollution
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Diwali is the festival filled with pomp and show. The sky get sparkles with crackers and earth has lights, all around. This festival attracts more excitement when you have toddlers in house. While you plan for some fun and celebration, do get geared up for extensive air and noise pollution.

Researchers say that the normal range of conversation is at 60 decibels(db). Our ears get pain and damage when the range exceeds 130db. For the babies,toddlers and young children it is much below to the level of discomfort at 85 db only.

How Can Firecrackers Cause Damage To Your Baby's Ears?

Firecrackers with loud noises are harmful for adult ears, so imaging what havoc they can wreck to your infant's ears. According to the experts exposure to the loud sounds (sounds that are above 85 decibels) can damage your infant's hearing. And the firecrackers when burst emit the noise that ranges between 130 decibels and 150 decibels hence harmful for your baby. Interesting Read: Tips to Make Diwali Interesting without Crackers  

Symptoms That Your Baby's Uncomfortable With the Loud Noise

  1. If your baby is crying incessantly that means that the noise is harming your baby and making him or her uncomfortable and uneasy
  2. If your baby is not hungry or sleepy and yet is irritated then it means that the noise is disturbing him or her


Tips To Keep Infant Safe From Noise & Air Pollution

These are few tips to ensure that your infant is safe from Fire Cracker's noise & air pollution this diwali...

  • Deepawali is essentially about lighting diyas and candles, so try to stick to enlightening houses and places. Avoid bursting crackers which harm both individuals and environment. Motivate all to go for nature friendly Diwali
  • Since everyone has its own way to celebrate the day, those who still wish to indulge in bursting rockets, try to use noiseless one. At least it will reduce the level of noise pollution in air
  • If you desire to involve your infants in the ceremonies and fire sparkles, cover their ears very well with help of earmuffs or ear balls
  • Maintain safe distance from crackers and diyas, when you are carrying the little one with you
  • Prefer using aerial shots, sparkles and rockets that cause lesser noises at lower levels on surfaces
  • Keep infants and toddlers away from noises
  • Create a "safe room" where minimal noises could reach and baby can be de-stressed in need
  • Staying Indoors is definitely the best thing you can do for child, if it suits to the family and your celebration plans
  • Keep infants involved in their favourite activities
  • Play light soothing music or mantras to distract them from the noises outside
  • Do not to leave your child unattended, as it may catch unwanted accidents
  • Stick to the regular schedule as much as possible.
  • Try not to disturb the feeding or nap schedule of your infant. Following their routine may help them to adjust better on the happening day
  • As you will be busy preparing special dishes for guests, don't forget to cook meal for the toddler first. A well fed baby will be easy to handle when and if loud noise disturbs him or her

Helpful Read: How to Protect Child from Air Pollution During Diwali Festivals ? 

  • Refrain too many new faces from the infant's proximity as this can stimulate their anxiety.
  • Familiar faces around will make them more comfortable
  • Try avoiding guests to feed infant with almost everything served.( Mithai, jalebi, nuts are prone to choking hazards). Sometimes it may cause overfed or misfed infant


infant safety during diwali

How To Protect Your Infant Skin This Diwali?

Follow these steps to protect your infant skin this Diwali

  1. Make your baby wear easy and fully covered clothes
  2. Avoid synthetics or cotton which are easily flammable
  3. Wash your and the infant's hands frequently to avoid contact with any left over chemicals in fireworks
  4. Use sanitizer before handling your toddler
  5. Apply moisturizer or aloe vera based creams to keep skin smooth and allergen free
  6. Use air filters at home, for a better air quality in the festive season. This can help you breathe fresh air for couple of hours, being indoor

How To Ensure Infant Stays Safe During Diwali?

The best way to ensure that your infant stays safe this Diwali is to avoid bursting crackers at home and celebrating a quite Diwali by lighting up diyas. Besides the booms and blasts, Diwali causes major damage to air quality as well and the pollutants in air reach to the levels that cause allergies like skin rashes. So do this to ensure that your baby is safe this Diwali

  1. Invest in good air purifier
  2. Invest in good mask – do take doctor's advice on in its safety issues for your baby
  3. Avoid making rangoli with marketed colours as the babies have a tendency to crawl towards them and feel it with their hands. Instead go for natural things which when ingested will not harm the baby as such

With the festivals knocking door and enthusiasms over the top, we shall pledge to protect our environment and the little ones; who need special care. We all shall do our bit in minimising the pollution and keeping the festival safe time for all.

Raise a toast to "cracker free” green Diwali. Help everyone breathe clean and live better.

Did you like the blog on how to keep your baby safe this Diwali? Do you have any more tips and ideas to ensure that your child is safe during Diwali? Please do share your views and feedback in the comments section below.

This content has been checked & validated by Doctors and Experts of the parentune Expert panel. Our panel consists of Neonatologist, Gynecologist, Peadiatrician, Nutritionist, Child Counselor, Education & Learning Expert, Physiotherapist, Learning disability Expert and Developmental Pead.

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it's very important to protect our children and keep them safe from all sorts of dangers these festivals especially Diwali can bring along.. Again the adage prevention is better than cure holds true. thanks for sharing this blog with handy tips on how to keep our children safe .

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