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5 Steps For Your Child's Safety When They Go Back to School

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Apr 12, 2022

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Schools are reopening. Mid terms are starting and children studying in middle and secondary classes may need to give the mid terms at school premises. We need to ensure preparedness for the child as well as the schools for their safety. Watch this video for key precautions to follow to keep your child safe from infection.

​These Back-to-School Tips will help you keep your child protected.

Things You should do when sending your child to school:

Masking & COVID Hygiene 

Masking - Masking is very effective in curbing the spread of the virus. A lot of people who are spreading the virus are not coughing or sneezing and are asymptomatic. There are also Covid aerosols suspended in air and so masking and washing hands is a must.

Get your child to wear a N95 or N-99 mask and teach how to wear it right. Learn how to go about it here

Frequent Hand washing 

Safety Pouch: Alcohol wipes, spare N95/N99 mask, Hand sanitizer

Physical Distancing : Maintain a physical distance of 6 feet between each other at all times, especially while having meals, as children will not be wearing the masks while having their meals.

Nasal Wash, Tongue Cleaner after the child gets back home 

Ventilation, Filtration & CO2 monitoring 

It’s important to Ensure that children are coming in contact with sanitized air. Good ventilation to allow outdoor air to dilute indoor air is important as is filtration as Covid aerosols may remain suspended in air for a long period. Ideally, HEPA filters in classrooms ensure that filtered air is in circulation, thereby removing the aerosols.

Please ask your school for their readiness on adequate ventilation, CO2 monitoring - less than 800 PPM, and Air filtration in schools. 

Open Spaces are better than Closed Spaces :Make sure children are not doing any physical activity in closed spaces.

Learn about the Back To School - Dos and Don'ts to ensure your child's safety during the pandemic.


Keep a close watch, and ensure that your child gets vaccinated once the drive starts. 

Double Vaccinated School Staff Only : School should protect the child as well as the teacher. 


Comorbidities: Make sure the rules are followed in school. In case your child has any comorbidities or has low immunity, then you should be extra careful and also opt in for a Hybrid or Online learning model till your child gets vaccinated. 

Don’t send your child to school if they are sick.

Screening & Contact Tracing 

Screening at School : Have clear protocol for screening each and every child and staff at a safe distance from the activity area inside the school. Have clear norms and rules of screening right outside the school gate at a safe physical distance of at least 1 meter from each other. 

Contact Tracing: Suggest your school to have Contact tracing. In case, if the contact tracing is not yet created by the school, please create a group between all the fellow parents and do contact tracing through it, to mitigate any chances of spread. 

Watch this video by Nitin Pandey, Founder, Parentune who talks of the precautions you must keep in mind when sending your child to school.


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