Laughter in Pregnancy - The Best Medicine to Make Healthy Babies

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Updated on Aug 18, 2020

Laughter in Pregnancy The Best Medicine to Make Healthy Babies
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Laughter has been one of the best medicines. It can cure even the sourest of the sour moods and put you in relaxed mood. Laughter during pregnancy can also help you alleviate stress levels. As stress during pregnancy can have a negative effect on your baby. So before we go further and learn the benefits of laughter while pregnant, let's see what are the side effects of stress when pregnant.


Stress During Pregnancy -The Side Effects

We've been told repeatedly by our moms and by our doctors that stress in pregnancy is a no-no. It's hard to not get stressed out, but let's take a look at how stress can negatively affect pregnancy-

  1. Affects brain development: Chronic anxiety in a mother can affect the way the fetus's brain develops, and this can lead to behavioral issues in the child later
  2. Increases chances of premature birth: Prolonged stress can increase the chances of a premature birth, or a low birth-weight


Benefits Of Laughter in Pregnancy For Your Unborn Baby

Now that we know the harm stress can do, let's take a look at the benefits of one of the simplest and best stress busters - laughter. Pure, deep, coming-from-the-belly laughter. And laughter works wonders for your health, and for your baby, too. Here's how-

  1. Affects your baby's mood and movement: When you laugh, your baby jumps up and down as if on a rollercoaster, inside your uterus. Research has shown that laughter affects the fetus's movements and emotions
  2. Your emotions can affect your baby: Unsurprising, right? It is a well-researched fact that babies whose moms are depressed and suffer from chronic anxiety show signs of depression and aggression later in life. Stress hormones can adversely impact your health, as well as your baby's. It's all down to hormones – so why not laugh a lot and release some endorphins? When you laugh, the endorphins help you relax and calm down. This in turn helps your baby, too
  3. Baby knows its mama's voice: And not just your voice. Your baby is learning to read your moods and your personality. She is beginning to recognize your laughter, your voice when you sing and lots more. And because she recognizes your voice, she feels calm
  4. Can lower blood pressure and reduce pain: Laughter can help lower your blood pressure, and hence contribute to overall good health. Laughter is also known to provide pain relief


How To Laugh More while Pregnant?

We've seen what a potent thing laughter can be. It reduces stress, boosts immunity, it's great for your unborn baby, and it strengthens relationships. Here are some tips idea's to help you bring some laughter back into your life when you're feeling too stressed.

  1. Let go, and laugh: Yes, it's that simple. Don't worry about what people think about your laugh. If you find something funny, laugh wholeheartedly. It's fun to be silly and uninhibited sometimes.
  2. Surround yourself with positive people: While laughing together with someone is great, laughing at someone else's expense is not. Surround yourself with positive people with a healthy sense of humor. Some people have a tendency to put a smile on your face without fail. Reach out to them.
  3. Watch some sitcoms: Yes, it's time to watch some reruns of your favorite sitcoms or shows of your favorite standup comedian, and laugh out loud. 30 minutes of some unrestrained laughter will do wonders for your physical and mental wellbeing.
  4. Imagery: Keep pictures that you like where you can see them. You can put up funny quotes and posters at home or at your work cubicle. When you feel low, these can help bring that smile back.
  5. Laugh with your partner: Laughter is a great bonding element in a relationship. Make time to sit and share a laugh with your partner. You could share funny stories from the early days of your relationship, or even watch a funny film together.

Pregnancy is a rollercoaster ride for an expecting mom. And one of the best ways to keep those stress levels low is to smile and laugh a lot. Keep smiling, keep laughing. Have a healthy pregnancy!

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Riddhima Sen please do not promote your product

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