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Learning Is Way More Fun Now

1 to 3 years

Created by Zainab
Updated on Mar 24, 2021

Learning Is Way More Fun Now
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Since the schools are online, Anzar's  #screentime has increased drastically. 

Earlier it was just for entertainment or limited to a few assignments, but recently the amount of time spent sitting in one place glued to a screen made me search for an alternative way. 

I got Saregama #carvaanminikids from Amazon. It has 

  • 80+ classic rhymes in Hindi and English 

  • 300+ most famous kid's stories in Hindi and English 

  • 15 phonetic based learning content 

  • 30+ Mantras and Devotional songs

Many times I find Anzar dancing happily to the rhymes he plays on it.  

Saregama Carvaan mini kids has reduced his screentime, made him more active, and encouraged him to learn many new words, thereby improving his vocabulary and phonetics .. It is simple, easy to use, compact, and most importantly, it doesn't need any internet. 

Learning is way more fun now with Saregama Carvaan mini kids.

It is readily available on Saregama, Amazon, Flipkart, firstcry, and Paytm

You can avail 10% discount by using this coupon code: Parentune10 on saregama's website. 

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